Are you looking forward to become a flyer distributor? Then you must be interested in getting to know how the day to day life would be for you. You should make the decision to accept a job only if you are comfortable with the consequences that you have to deal with. Then you will enjoy what you are doing as a flyer distributor as well.

Waking up at 4:30am

As a flyer distributor, you will have to wake up early in the morning. That’s because you will need to distribute the flyers to the homes before people get ready and come out to go to work. This varies based on the job that you have to perform as well. For example, if you are provided with the responsibility of distributing flyers related to an event, you will only have to get ready before the event time. In other words, you don’t have to wake up at this time, when you have a job to distribute flyers at an event scheduled 4pm in the evening.

If you are planning to distribute flyers to homes in the morning, this is the time where you need to wake up. That’s because you should be ready to go out by 5:30am and start distributing the flyers. You can take a quick breakfast and get ready for work.

Travel to the warehouse at 5:30am

By 5:30am in the morning, you can come out of your house and travel to the warehouse. If you are asked to take your own transport, you can ride to the warehouse. Or else, you can wait for your pick up vehicle, and get into it.

Get to know about your flyer distribution tasks assigned for the day by 6:00am

By 6:00am in the morning, your supervisor at the warehouse will provide you with a quick idea about the flyer distribution schedule that you have been assigned with for the day. The flyer distribution schedule is something that changes on a daily basis. Hence, you will only be able to get to know about your schedule in the morning. Upon getting to know about the schedule, you will need to stick to it and get the job done.

This will be the most exciting part of your day as well. That’s because you will often get to know that you have to distribute flyers in a new location.

Once you are briefed with the location, you will be provided with flyers as well. The flyers and the content in them would vary on a daily basis as well. Then you will be provided with transport to get to the destination, where you have to deliver the flyers.

Keep on delivering the flyers after 7:00am

After 7:00am in the morning, you will be in the destination, where you should distribute the flyers. Hence, you need to go ahead with distributing all the flyers that you are provided with. If you have to distribute the flyers in a residential area, you will have to put them through the letterboxes completely. It is important to make sure that the flyer is fully inserted into the letterbox. You should never hang them around. On the other hand, you should make sure that you aren’t distributing flyers to the houses that you are not asked to deliver.

In case if you are provided with the responsibility of distributing flyers in a crowded public place, you will have to get to a location where you can handover the flyers to many people as much as you can, without disturbing them.

Take a small break by 10:00am

After distributing flyers for continuously around three hours, you can think about taking a break. During this break, you can enjoy a sugary drink as it will keep you going. If there are more than one flyer distributor, the entire team will get together and start enjoying a drink.

Continue to distribute flyers by 10:15am

You should not take the break for more than 15 minutes. After the quick break, you can keep on distributing the flyers again.

Take your lunch break by 1pm

By 1pm, you can think about taking the lunch break. After the lunch break, you might be able to go home. It depends on the workload that is assigned to you.

If you are done for the way, you can head back to the warehouse, so that you can sign off for the day. You can also handover extra flyers, if there are any. Or else, you can take a quick lunch break for around 30 minutes and get back to work. Then you will have to work till around 3:00pm in the evening.

This schedule can vary based on the tasks that are assigned to you on a daily basis.

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