To begin, it is important to highlight what diabetes is in general and how it affects the human body.The basic layout of energy production in the human body is based on breaking the food down into glucose,which is basically sugar. These sugars go into cells throughout the body, which they fuel, allowing them to operate and grow.When the system crashes, lead to serious health risks. Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 are both causes of system failure.

All forms of diabetes revolve around the pancreas and insulin production in the body. Insulin is a chemical, a hormone that is given to the body, which allows the cells to feed on the quantity of sugar to digest food. When insulin is not produced or manufactured in small quantities, in some cases diabetes can occur in the human body. Insulin is a key factor in deciding whether a person becomes diabetic.

Type 1 diabetes is a condition that is explained when the body produces insulin whatsoever. This type of diabetes is basically hereditary, and is the most common form of this affliction that affects children from birth or developed at a very young age. Find pancreatic beta cells or never formed correctly or destroyed, which causes the body to become extinct. When the pancreas does not work properly, diabetes occurs.

Other varieties of the disease, type 2 diabetes, is brought in later life and is caused by human insulin refusal in the body's cells, the high levels of pigment epithelium deprived factors. This substance, nicknamed PEDF, blocking of insulin in the blood is effective. Type 2 diabetes is more built up in the body insulin resistance. This causes the pancreas to become overworked and, in the end, it will not work at all.

While type 2 diabetes is partly inherited, unlike type 1, this condition is also against the people become obese because of poor diet and no exercise. Each of these diseases have the same effects, which include muscle fatigue, tremors, coma, reversible limbs gangrene and even death. However, diabetes is not one of the patient's fault, and 2 diabetes can be directly linked to the person's lifestyle habits.

The main difference between diabetes 1 and diabetes 2 is the age at which people develop the disease. While people are getting the disease younger age of child obesity, type 1 really is hereditary, and revolves around the lack of insulin produced. Type 2 is a disease of the body's cells to insulin resistance against the excess fat cells.

If you find that you are showing the first signs of diabetes, you should get yourself to the doctor to be tested. You should also recognize that diabetes is treatable and that active prevention can provide a natural cure for diabetes.

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