The main difference between an angel and ascended master is that an ascended master has lived lives as a human and an angel has not. An ascended master has lived many lives being human and evolved spiritually over time to balance their karma and evolve from fear to love. An ascended master still has a personality ego but at a much more evolved state than most humans. An ascended master has mastery over their thoughts and emotions and no longer has negative thoughts or intent. Ascended Masters are working with the earth plane as guides to assist human evolution. They respect our free will and usually only assist on request. People on a spiritual path will usually attract ascended masters to assist them as a high level guide.

The word angel is thought to be derived from the Greek word “Angelos” which means, “Messenger”. Angels are messengers of God and therefore their will is completely aligned with the will of God. They respect human free will and usually only assist us upon request, or in physical danger, when it is not our time to depart. Humans have had visions and visitations from angels throughout recorded history. Artists have depicted them in paintings and their wisdom has been channelled and recorded in books. Angels care deeply for humans and they exist in a state of unconditional love.

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Brad Austen is a meditation teacher and been on a spiritual path for many years. He has studied meditation, psychic development and mediumship and channels his meditations. He has produced three guided meditation CDs to date which are available in digital form and also hard copy. For more information see his website: