While one has become more preferred than the other, and even rightly so, the difference between the two still isn’t that huge. Except when it comes to psychoactivity, perhaps, because THC, or delta 9 THC, is the most psychoactive of all the Cannabis extracts. Delta 8 THC, however, known for producing a mild high contains fewer atomic bonds in its chemical structure and, so, is a lighter form of THC.

Over the years, as myths surrounding Cannabis and cannabinoids have been receding, we’ve also become more accepting of their use in the fields of therapy and medicine. The important thing to understand, however, is what the said difference between delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC is. The marijuana plant, or Cannabis sativa, provides us with over nine dozen extracts as products, which, over time and in moderation, have proved to be of good worth to our health.

What makes delta 8 THC better?

Delta 8 Tincture 1000 mg has been understood to help treat various symptoms of pain, anxiety and nausea for quite a while now. Sometimes also synthesised using CBD, or cannabidiol, which is essentially extracted from hemp and less from marijuana, delta 8 THC is often viewed as an idealised hybrid of CBD and delta 9 THC. One of the many Cannabis extracts, delta 9 THC, the most psychoactive one, is also an isomer of delta 8 THC. All three of these compounds have been used, like many other cannabinoids, to relieve the user from anxiety, stress and related issues. It’s understood this happens because the said compounds, and the other related extracts, interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which has only been discovered very recently and is known to send signals to different parts of our body, via the receptors, in response to the said interactions.

Among the three, however, Delta 8 Tincture 5000 mg, or simply THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is understood to produce a significant ‘high’ – the feeling of euphoria – as a result of its psychoactivity. Delta 8 THC, being a double-bond isomer of THC is known to have its milder effects and, as Delta 8 gummies 1000 mg, and with CBD, is now very much used against “the addictive use of marijuana”, as a therapeutic option helping recovering addicts against the “chronic, relapsing disorder” that it has become. On the other hand, cannabidiol (CBD) also accounts for around two-fifths (40%) of all cannabis (both hemp and marijuana) extracts.

What are the effects of using delta 8 THC?

As opposed to the effects of THC, those of delta 8 THC are considerably milder and tend to help people fight the addiction caused by THC and similar products. In some cases, THC has also been understood to elevate the stress. As for delta 8 THC, the following effects can be observed in the prescription user:Mild euphoria,

Experiencing calmness and relaxation, andAn exalted sense of delight.

Similar effects can also be observed on the administration of CBD. Considering the magnitude of mildness in the effects after the administration of either of the two, delta 8 THC in its various forms and CBD, as CBD pain cream or otherwise, are considered particularly fit for treating the addiction and the resulting issues that marijuana can lead one into. This is because, as a result of their characteristic mild or non-psychoactive effects with results and method of action still being similar to that of THC, the two compounds can serve as an imminent bridge for the acclimatization of the body’s endocannabinoid system to cannabinoids other than THC or even others with severe psychoactivity.

As it is, on the other hand, ECS tends to respond more to the psychoactive cannabinoids than otherwise. This being the case, and delta 8 THC having the ability to produce a mild high, it is often prescribed with CBD, the latter producing the following effects:

Produce mildly euphoric effects; Stimulate appetite, and Relax or energize the consumer.

To add to it, with ongoing research, delta 8 THC and CBD have also been understood as being fit for treating various cases of cancer,. Moreover, with decrease in the stigma regarding Cannabis extracts and their increasing involvement in research, more and more cheerful results have been observed over time, such as:

Because of its calming properties, CBD is now often used as a remedy for a variety of sleep disorders, such as insomnia, shift-work sleep disorder, etc..
While on regular consumption, delta 8 THC, often marketed as delta 8 tincture 5000 mg, causes an increase in appetite. It has, in several cases, has been used to promote weight loss too.
Also available as sublingual, ingestible and more, CBD, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, works on relieving pain which may commonly be associated with a number of chronic pain conditions, for example, MS (multiple sclerosis), arthritis, etc.
Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help us fight acne too.


As is understood from all the research so far is that the only difference between delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC is that of the position of a double bond. It is also what leads to THC causing a significant high whereas delta 8 THC only causes a mild one.

As a consequence, the basic idea of use is moderation. Regular use of THC often leads to addiction, whereas delta 8 THC, with or without CBD, is used as a remedy against it. Moreover, proper use of either or both can not only help fight the addiction that some of the extracts from marijuana lead to, but the scientists are also hopeful about obtaining better treatment options for cancer in the near future, which would once have been a ridiculous subject considering all the stigma that once surrounded cannabinoids. For proper administration, however, keep in touch with your doctor.

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Charlie Thompson is an expert cannabis botanist and a plantsman who believes that our lives revolve around plants and that a person can create the healthiest version of himself by exploring the power of plants. Charlie, who's the Chief Editor at Divine Hemps suggests that choosing the right CBD product is as crucial as getting the right form of treatment for your ailment. He closely works with the team of Divine Hemps and helps them create unique formulations of CBD that are tailored to customer's needs and are safe, pure, and lab-tested.