Smoking a cigarette and vaping an e-cig diff greatly from the device to the health effects. Many had mixed opinions saying electronic cigarettes are worse because of harmful toxins in it when it is only made up four house hold ingredients we use in foods every day. None of the chemicals mentioned in cigarettes are found in e-cig liquids except for nicotine which is used as main helper in smoking cessation with electronic cigarettes. King Pen Vapes is no way encouraging the use of smoking or vaping electronic cigarettes. We are just educating through the facts.

Cigarettes for the Public
Cigarettes come with all sorts of disease and illness after years of use. Scientists have discovered 599 additives in cigarettes which create 4,000 chemical toxic compounds after it is lit. Smoking also takes about 6 seconds for the smoke to hit and effect your nervous system, giving you the nicotine buzz you crave. Chewing tobacco will need to dissolve and break down in the body so it will take some more time. Those illness in long term cigarette use result in:

• Ammonia: Household cleaner
• Arsenic: Used in rat poisons
• Cyanide: Deadly poison
• Formaldehyde: Used to preserve dead specimens
• Fungicides and pesticides: Cause many types of cancers and birth defects.
• Benzene: Linked to leukemia.

Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes were created as a cessation product for quitting cigarettes. They work by heating up a liquid that can be filled with nicotine, depending on your desire, is called e-liquid. E-liquid is made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, nicotine (if used), and distilled water. Vegetable glycerin is the one that is mixed with other food to give them a sweet taste. The electronic cigarette consists of a battery, atomizer or tank, and sometimes a drip tip which is the mouthpiece. The atomizer or tank is what holds the e-liquid in and usually holds in about 1.6mL.

Electronic cigarettes heat up the atomizer. When you pour the e-liquid into the tank, keep it tilted for some tanks so it doesn’t go straight into the middle needle. When you pour into the tank, let it sit for a minute the liquid soaks into the wicks. When you heat up the atomizer, it creates the perfect temperature heat which heats up the liquid creating vapor. The temperature to keep a cigarette burning is much higher than needed to heat up the liquid.

With recent times, electronic cigarettes have made such a big buzz, cigarettes are almost not seen anywhere. Not only have restaurants started cracking down on cigarette smokers but even city mayors have voice their public opinions about them. Even though electronic cigarettes do not create smoke, they create vapor, there are still second hand vapor questions and concerns.

Vaporizing is a much better choice. It has recently had a scientific research done noting that with the major decrease in carcinogenic products in electronic cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs might be the way to go. With so many other smoking cessation products, it is worth trying electronic cigarettes out.

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