Canada PR visa process through express entry is one of Canada's fastest ways through which the applicant can relocate in six months or less. It is a highly successful program of Canada Immigration.

How important is it to have a high Express Entry Draw score for Canada PR Visa Process?

The Canada PR Visa process is one of the simplest immigration processes for any country, and it is also a very fair evaluation. The candidates are assessed based on the point score they attain with the comprehensive ranking system(CRS) tool's help.

To understand the Canada PR process from India, let us look at the evaluation process in detail and also analyze why the Express Entry draws are important.

Express Entry Points Score Requirement

While meeting the eligibility criterion is essential for immigration, one of the most pertinent steps in clearing the eligibility requirements is meeting the core requirement. All those applicants who meet the benchmark points score, they are shortlisted for immigration through a specified pathway.

In the case of the Express Entry system, the Express Entry draws are conducted by IRCC after every fortnight. Through the Express Entry draws, the minimum CRS score requirement is announced, and the applicants who meet the CRS points score are selected for immigration. The CRS points score is calculated based on age, language skills, education, work experience, and arranged employment.

After meeting the Express Entry Draw score, the applicant is provided with the ITA. There is no way through which we can expect the Express Entry Next Draw Date. It is all in the hands of IRCC.

What was the latest Canada express entry draw result?

Despite the COVID 19 pandemic crises, there have been regular draws conducted by the IRCC, and the Canadian government has tried to meet the immigration targets. The latest Canada express entry draw result was announced on 2nd September 2020 in which 4200 ITAs were sent, and a CRS score of 475 was the selection score.

However, in the CoronaVirus times, there has been a pattern seen with the Draws in which program-specific draws were conducted in alternative programs for Provincial Nomination and Canadian Experience Class category.

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