Your job as a kitchen steward plays a very major role in the restaurant industry. You are, so to speak, the backbone of the industry, and without the kitchen stewards, the restaurant industry will have a hard time functioning right. However, to provide an excellent service to the restaurant industry, you have to be a very responsible and diligent worker. You also have to be very efficient as well as organized. After all, the restaurant industry relies on the efficiency and diligence to give their clients 100% satisfaction.

With this being said, what is the job of a kitchen steward, and how can he make a difference to the industry?

On Kitchen Items, Appliances, and Units

The biggest job of the kitchen steward is to make sure that the cleanliness of everything in the kitchen and the dining area spic and span. This will include not only the place itself but also each and every kitchen item that comes into contact with the guests’ mouth. These, of course, are the silverware and glassware. All items that also come into contact with food should also be given utmost importance when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, and this includes dishware as well as pots and crockery. When it comes to storing the kitchen items, he has to make sure that the items are stored properly and in their appropriate places so as to prevent breakages.

There is a proper detergent used in washing and cleaning kitchen items, and it is the responsibility of the kitchen steward to make sure that he is using the right detergent at its appropriate amount. In conjunction with this, he also has to make sure that he is using the right sanitizer so as to ensure that the kitchen items are sanitized.

Lastly, it is also the job of the kitchen steward to make sure that all kitchen units and appliances are in excellent working condition. If he notices that a machine is not working properly, it is his responsibility to advise his immediate e supervisor of the problem so as to get the problem fixed right away. The dishwashing machine, most especially, needs special care since this is one of the kitchen items that is constantly in use.

On Kitchen Area

As stated above, the job of the kitchen steward is also to maintain the cleanliness of the work area, the kitchen, and the dining area. He has to ensue that the floor is clean, and aside from this, he also has to ensure that the walls and the ceiling are clean. This also includes cleaning the windows, doors, glass panes, tables, etc. This also includes the rest rooms and reception areas.

He has to make sure that the floors are always kept dry so as to prevent accidents, and he also has to make sure that the walkway is free from obstacles such as carton boxes for the same purpose.

On Inventory

Aside from all the duties and responsibilities mentioned above, inventorying the kitchen items is also a part of stewarding. This includes making a correct count of all kitchen items such as silverware, dishware, glassware, utensils, pots, pans, crockery, dinnerware, etc. Any loss or damage to any of the kitchen items should immediately be recorded and reported to the immediate supervisor.

On Waste Management

Another job of the kitchen steward is taking out the trash. However, this responsibility is not just about collecting the garbage and dumping them in the dumpster, but it is about segregating the garbage into wet and dry trash and then appropriately disposing of them. Aside from this, it is also his duty to make sure that the dumpster area is clean so as to prevent rodents and pests from making the area their home.

On Self, On Others, and On Guests

Aside from being responsible for all kitchen-related duties and responsibilities especially maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene, the kitchen steward also has to make sure that he himself is clean at all times. Not only does this include wearing the proper stewarding uniform during work hours, but this should also include personal hygiene and cleanliness.

When it comes to his collages and the rest of the restaurant staff, he has to be respectful and courteous at all times. He has to act professionally towards others, especially towards the guests.

The kitchen steward is, after all, carrying the name of the restaurant, so he should always respect the responsibility of protecting the good name of the establishment.

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