Karma is an unfulfilled action Karma is any action that has not reached its perfection in you. When action reaches perfection, it liberates you and it disappears from the cosmic ocean. Action is like a ripple effect.

When it reaches the boundary it disappears. Any ripple effect which reaches the boundary disappears. Karma is an action that has not reached its extreme, which has not seen the end, or which has not seen perfection.

The moment Karma sees perfection, or action reaches its perfection, sees the end, or experiences the extreme, it suddenly disappears. For example, if you throw a stone in a pond, a ripple effect is created. The moment it reaches the end, the moment it reaches the bank, or the moment it reaches perfection, the ripple effect disappears.

Now the pond swallows the stone and the ripple effect created by the stone. In the same way, when an engram is thrown on you, what is created is Karma. When that reaches its perfection and its extreme end, Karma is liberated from you and you are liberated from Karma.

Karma is an unfulfilled action or an unfulfilled engram. For example, if you are hiding some strong anger about your parents, your sister, or your family members, that is Karma. Unless you complete it and make it perfect, you will not be relieved from it. In some very difficult situations, that engram will come up so strongly. Knowingly, you will put yourself in a big mess. It is not that people unknowingly put themselves in a big mess all of the time; knowingly, you put yourself in a big mess.

Karma is the action that has not yet become perfect in you. When you complete the action, you are liberated from that samsara, the engraved memory or ‘engram’, and the engram is also liberated from you. All bondage is always for both, and all liberation is always for both. If it is bondage, it is for both. If it is liberation, it is for both.

If you are bound by Karma, then Karma is also bound by you. If you are liberated from Karma, then Karma is also liberated from you. Every completion of an action is directly helpful for you, and will directly liberate you and lead you to a higher existence.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council.