The A1 Active is a portable massage device that treats sore muscles.

The latest fitness gadget that is about to change the whole fitness industry. The Active1 Massage Gun is an all in one full body massage theory shaped in the form of a gun, with vibration technology the massage gun is proven to make the whole body recover within days with a few days of use.

The vibration massage gun massages the body with uniquely designed ball heads which focus on parts of the body. The A1 Active massage gun comes with four attachments, one ball head which massages the whole body and three other attachment pieces. The massage gun has different types of speeds from low to high, this focuses on how much pressure is applied to the body. The higher the tension the more the focus on the body part.
Treating sore muscles is now easier. This device is built for home use, gym use and office use. If you ever have gotten a massage, you know how life changing it can be, the A1 active massage gun has much more benefits such as

- Treats muscle pain
- Muscle soreness recovery
- Fastens up recovery days through the vibration therapy
- Increases blood flow
- Muscle activation
- Releases knots
- Accelerates recovery & muscle repair
- Increases blood and lymphatic flow
- Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness
- Breaks up scar tissue
- Improves lactic acid clearance
- Activates the nervous system and muscles
- Muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness, and knot
- Natural stress relief

Buy the massage gun, the deep tissue massage gun focuses on all the body, with all in one control, muscle pain can go within minuities. The perfect home treatment portable massage device by A1 Active exclusively sold by HCS Gadgets.

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