The rising trend of hardwood flooring has also produced with it all the viable options within the types of flooring.

Homeowners are not only surrounded by copious options, they are also being provided with the hardwood
flooring refinishing and repairs on their already existent floors. But for the ones still looking for the best hardwood
floors to fit their homes, durability is the first benchmark many homeowners consider and why not? After all,
hardwood floors are known to last a lifetime. Let us discover the most durable wood floors to suit your needs.
Before we head on to test all the wood flooring and their durability, let us first talk about the species of wood
flooring at disposal. When it comes to wood, we have:

● Oak
● Walnut
● Hickory
● Maple
● Ash
● Pecan
● Cherry
● Mahogany
● Teak(Premium)
● Jarrah(Premium)
● Mesquite(Premium)
These wood species are sturdy, providing lifetime longevity. Let us talk about some of these types in detail.


As one of the most durable species, Oakwood can fit any room type. When it comes to hardwood floors, oak is the
go-to option besides being popular. Due to such high-usage, it is cost-effective than the other types. The cost starts
from $2 per square foot.
The colors of oak are naturally classic-yellow and brown, but the flooring colors may vary. Most often, the finishes
are seen as whitish-gray-pink or with an output matching redwood.


After oak, maple is the customer’s choice. The rich character and the predictable patterns which it brings on the
floors, maple’s lighter color resemble to that of a latte/cappuccino and show less grain effect. It’s durability test is
remarkable as well. Why? Well, it is used on the basketball courts and that evidence alone speaks about the rich
looks of display entwined with the rigid nature of


Although there is not much variety in maplewood, paying a bit extra can get your floors the look you want. These
extra prices start from $15 per square foot. Otherwise, the common styles are:
1. Fiddleback looking like a rippled velvet.
2. Bird’s eye/peacock-feather appearance.


Now, this species of hardwood floor is lower in ranking not due to its durability but because of its popularity.
Hickory is harder than oak. Yes, that is right. It has been ranked much higher on the Janka scale due to its
resistance to scratches and dents. Compared to the 100 years time limit for normal hardwood floors, hickory leaps
to 200 years in its life expectancy. This is about five times that of oak. However, with more years comes an added
Hickory starts from $4 to $5 dollars per square foot. It also matches oakwood in appearance. So, if you want to
make a good return on your investment, hickory will provide you the oakwood look and the extra years.

Brazilian Cherry

Cherrywood or the Brazilian cherry is one of the hardest species available. This wood species is tight, and flows
grains evenly. The stunning reddish hue becomes mature with the sunlight exposure, and it will last as long as your

house will. Cherrywood comes with the 100-year warranty like its cousin wood flooring.
There are many other wood floorings mentioned above. Out of them, these are some of the prominent choices
considered by the homeowners and the best contractors for hardwood floors. The Janka ratings considers these
wood species as the superior options over the other types of wood floorings which are not fully wood or have an
amalgamation of other wood/byproducts.

We considered oak as the best option for hardwood floors. Red Oak has a Janka rating of 1290. This is the
benchmark set up by the hardwood floor contractors. Anything matching this benchmark or going higher like
Hickory should be the best choice for the best durable wood floor option.

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