What is the most touted and least understood word we use?

Take a deep breath and sit quietly for 1 moment and listen to the answer. What is everyone striving for which can never be reached by striving? What do we want for the world and yet can’t seem to have it in our own lives? What is above and beyond any price tag? Come on you know it. It is a distant longing in your being. This longing is encoded within us. Yes that to which we all long to belong but more than that. Did you just think I was going to hand over the answer to you? Lets awaken it.

Try this with me. Don’t just read this read and do it otherwise you will never get the experience of it.

Sitali Breath
Breathe out that stress…

Roll the tongue and stick it past your lips. If you cannot roll it, just make an “O” shape with your mouth with the tongue protruding slightly beyond the lips. Breathe in deeply through the mouth. Exhale slowly through the nose emptying the lungs all the way.

1-3 minutes

The best anti-stress breath available. The breath passing over the wet tongue creates a cooling effect.

How do you feel now? If you did this for 1-3 minutes instead of just reading it you will feel more relaxed, more at peace. That which we want, march for,
long for in the world we also long for in ourselves and that word has just been used…. PEACE.

We can do all we do for peace and all those things are great, gracious, and inclusive yet if we don’t know how to create that state inside of ourselves how can we think it will translate to the all. Peace is an epidemic. It is contagious. Just go sit with some holy (whole) person any one will do it can be the Dhali Lama, your parish priest, yourself hopefully and you will experience peace. The place where your mind is calm and not jerking you all over the map.

I know just sitting still is one of the most challenging things that any human can do. Yet it is of paramount importance. Start with a chant or a prayer and move into silent. One of my favorites to share is this one. Do this breath first and then sit.

Four Part Breath: Miracle Breath
Blow your stress away!

Sitting up straight, inhale through the mouth, filling your lungs in four equal parts—starting the breath as low as possible in the abdomen. Exhale through the mouth in four equal parts, from the upper chest down. If you feel relaxed you can do this exercise breathing through the nose. Repeat the cycle.

1-3 minutes

Instantly reduces stress, so you may see a situation more objectively. Helps dissolve overwhelming feelings.

Everything in life is about experiences. If you don’t have an experience of calm, peace, knowing then you cannot truly promote that at a greater level.
We can be anti war but that is not the same as pro-peace. Mother Theresa was once asked to take part in an anti war rally and her comment was this, “I cannot march against war but if you ever have a peace march I would be happy to be a part of that.” It is about what we are for. What we stand for means we must understand it, which means to stand under. To stand under peace requires your being willing to sit with you, to honor your breath, to create hope from the inside out. Then you will radiate peace and others with catch it for it is contagious.

You are reading this because you want something now act on that want and take these tools and make them yours. There are so many places on this planet that they cannot for many reasons sit and be calm in a secure environment. We have the privilege may we use it well and often. If this does not work for you don’t stop here. Seek till you find something that resonates with your essence and brings you calm. No, not the cheating short cuts of drugs or alcohol but something that will sustain, support and feed the totality of you so you vibrate light into the world and you become a whole, holy person one who has control over all her/his holes. I have so many more techniques to share with you this is just a teaser a great place to start. Give yourself 11, 22, 31 minutes/day or really do what we were given and say yes to 2 ½ hours Wow Right! Trust me it works you meet everything. Try something you Will commit to each day. The will creates the way. Way in is the mantra now.


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