There are different scales of brewery systems that cater varying capacities and requirements of businesses. The nanobrewery systems are smaller in size in comparison to the microbreweries and the production of beer in these breweries is considerably lesser per annum. Unlike the microbreweries there is no defined or specific number of barrels, which distinguishes the microbrewery from the nanobrewery. The nanobrewery system is utilized for the small scale operations and they are often managed in the solo entrepreneur setups.

If you want to purchase a nanobrewery system for your requirements then you must do your research in terms of the different products and their manufacturers who produce them. You want the best quality nanobrewery systems that will offer you high productivity, less maintenance and assist you in producing the best brews in town. There are various companies that manufacture these systems and amongst the different manufacturers you must pick a reliable operator who is known for its high class products and excellent service to the customers.

DEGONG is one of the best in the market when it comes to reliable brewery equipment products that cater to the different requirements and have stood the test of the time. One of the salient feature of the brewing systems and products from DEGONG is the good build quality and durability that they provide to the clients.

The efficient nanobrewery systems from Leyden brewery

Some of these products listed on their website includes Turnkey breweries 2000 liters per day brew all grain equipment, Build a mid-sized 10HL brewery tanks/tuns/vessels in bar/taproom, Standard configuration brewing vessels 20bbl brewpub set up, Cylindro-conical 10bbl fermenter stainless steel best brew systems to buy, real quality 5bbl-2bbl per batch brewing system beer brewery manufacturer and 500L microbrewery good quality beer brewing equipment for sale amongst others. Here we will take a brief look at one of these products and its different specs as well as features.

500L microbrewery good quality beer brewing equipment for sale: This product is one of the preferred choice for many consumers who are thinking of starting their small scale brewery business. Some of the advantages that you get when you purchase the brewing equipment from DEGONG are easy and lifelong maintenance and the compactness of the system for your small space. Besides this you also get quick returns on your investment owing to the efficiency of the equipments and the equipments are available in fully automatic and semi automatic modes.

Some of the features of this 500L system includes 100% certification for stainless steel, complete insulation for brew kettle and  mash tun that provides for efficient installation and, true vee fire false bottom and mash out manway for efficient and rapid cleanup, brew quality monitoring and direct fire/electric or steam for heating. 

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