The essentials of every religion are principally two: self-knowledge and self-control. Self-knowledge means awareness of the higher Self, the celestial nature of man; and self-control is the check of the lower self or selfish nature. True knowledge of the divine Self comes when the lower self is subdued. In ancient times Greek philosophers realized the meaning of religion in a much better way; therefore over the temple of entrance at Delphi the phrase “know Thyself” was evidently inscribed.

In Hinduism ancient seers of Truth tried their best to keep themselves aloof from the non-essential part of religion (rituals, dogma, creed etc.) of the masses. The result of such attempts was the discovery of the system of Yoga. The system of Yoga deals entirely with the essentials of religion; it doesn’t teach any dogma, creed, ritual ceremony or mythology. Its main objective is to teach mankind the different methods of attaining the knowledge of the true Self, and the practice of self-control. A true Yogi is one who has perfect control over himself, and who has acquired self-knowledge. Therefore, it is evident in spiritual books on Hinduism so heavily emphasized on self-control and knowing oneself. These books are also very helpful in holistic remedies.

Every man is guided by two antagonistic forces of nature; one is higher divine force, which is always manifested in certain circumstances, influenced by particular spiritual books and other sources. Another force is lower self or the animal nature of man, leading to pervasion of mind.

Self-control is the method to control this lower nature of man by manifesting higher powers latent in the spirit of every man. Having ascended the grades of evolution from the lower animals, man first lives on animal plane, his main objectives of life are purely animalistic and then he rises higher and higher till the latent powers in the spirit reveal itself and luminous in its own lights.

Self-control is essential for people who want to devote themselves in spiritual living. It is not manifested in people who vehemently obey the dictation of senses and blindly serves the internal masters of passion, anger, greed, self-delusion, pride and egotism. Those who can control themselves, check the mad rush of the mind toward sense objects, and who cease to obey those animal impulses, which are standing like huge walls in the path of spiritual progress, enjoy undisturbed peace as long as they live.

The attainment of self-control is easy for those who have learned to study their own minds. Studying their own minds, discovering weaknesses and strengths is helpful to reform own character. The natural tendency of human beings is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. As long as man lives in the darkness of ignorance and cannot trace the causes that make him happy or unhappy, as long as he does not understand whether happiness and pleasure come from external objects or from within, so he fails to be master of himself.

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Jacques Tombazian is a professional parapsychologist who works with various institutions for past 20 years. He is the founder a holistic healing center that offering alchemy healing products and services like books on spirituality, massage oils, meditation cds, mental and physical healing, heal broken relationship etc.