Want to eliminate errors in quoting process and expedite response time? The first thing that you have to do is let go off the manual process of quoting and adopt automation.

Purpose of Using a Quoting System

Allow you to Create Quotes Quickly and Easily
This is one of the biggest benefits of quoting tools that can take your business to new heights. The software tool is the answer to a slow quoting process. It simply automates various aspects of quoting, which helps in speeding up the process.

Sales Quoting is a complex process when you employ manual methods to create quotes. Excel sheets used in manual quoting is never a good option to handle this process. It might take hours to send a quote with manual quoting.
With a quoting system at your disposal, your quote creation process will be reduced to a few minutes.

Create a Professional, Correct Quote Document

Generating error-free quotes everytime you receive a RFQ is critical to win deals. Manual approach to quoting is error-prone, hence often leaves the customers frustrated.
Whereas, when you use a quoting software, you can make your quote look professional. Moreover, the tool will empower your sales team to generate highly customizable error-free quotes in a span of minutes.

Mobile Quotation - Way to Go

The invention of mobile quoting apps has made Mobile quotation a reality. The usage of laptops to create quotes has become a thing of the past. Now mobile devices have taken center stage for managing the quoting process.
You can keep track of your quoting process accurately via your smartphones and tablets. From viewing customer profile to sourcing products from the distributor, to selecting and adding products to the quote, every aspect of quoting can now be handled efficiently using mobile devices.

You can respond to any request for quote (RFQ) instantly irrespective of where you are located or what time it is. 'Quoting on the go' is now easily possible with mobile quoting apps.

Handles Quoting Complexity

Complexity in quoting is not easy to handle with Excel sheets. On the other hand, a cpq software is designed to simplify the process of complexity in quoting. Create and quote customized bundles and configurations in no time.

Also, when you are offering a range of product configurations, complexity in pricing is a given. In such circumstances, it can be difficult to create a quote that gives you the right margin that you are looking for.
On the whole, when business growth is on your mind, it is important that you simplify your sales process by using an Easy quote software. Automate your quoting process and rest assured your business will move forward and run smoothly.

Configure Complex Products Correctly

When you are configuring a complex product, there is a high probability that you might add incompatible components. This is never possible when you automate your process with CPQ tools. These tools come with 'guided selling' feature that ensures you select compatible components only while configuring a product. So no question of sending incorrect configurations.

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