The CEO Forum Group is a firm established in 2007 and operates as a marketing and media company. As the name says, they are solely focused on the top CEOs in the United States. "Disseminate CEO expertise to enhance the company, the society, and the economy" is their organization's stated objective. More prominent CEOs than anyone else have been thoroughly interviewed on time-tested leadership concepts by Robert Reiss, the show's founder, during his multiple interviews, mostly on widely broadcast: The CEO Show. Because of its efforts to spread best practices within the ceo network and prospective CEOs, the CEO Forum Group has earned the title of "The Transformative CEO Community." The word "Transformative CEO," which is used to describe anyone who "develops new worth that transforms an organization," is attributed to founder Robert Reiss. This organization's overarching goal is to support CEOs in their pursuit of success by exchanging best business practices, promoting employment growth, and fostering innovation and revenue growth around the globe. The CEO forum group includes various media outlets, with the two most popular ones being: ‘The CEO Show’ and ‘The CEO Forum Journal.’

The CEO Show

The CEO Show is a nationwide, US-based radio talk show with a 19-minute interview style wherein Robert Reiss speaks with chief executive officers of various businesses. The show's goal is to spread business strategies. It first debuted in April of 2007 in Greenwich, Connecticut, via WGCH AM radio. Later it was made available nationwide in September of that year. Forty cities, including New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, and others, broadcast The CEO Show on a national scale. The CEO Show Minute, a small two-minute clip showing the best parts that are broadcasted many times per week, was added to The CEO Show in March of 2011. There is an Online website for the show which offers online access to interview podcasts for downloads.

The CEO Forum Journal

Only the best 10,000 CEOs in the USA got The CEO Forum Journal. It is a quarterly publication done by CEOs specifically for the CEOs." To be a Transformative CEO is one of the requirements for getting published in this exclusive magazine. This magazine is a distinctive piece of writing featuring genuine and true CEO perspectives on managing a diversified and effective organization and interviews with outstanding CEOs. Even professional advice is offered, such as the importance of diversity and inclusion for business strategy and how to apply it to building an innovative team. It aids in recognition of the fact that a leader's responsibilities extend well beyond the services or goods they offer and teaches them how to use their position as CEO to affect society in a variety of ways.

Boston University CEO Club

A few colleges have also taken the lead after being inspired by similar discussions. Boston University is one such institution. The Boston CEO Club, a flagship initiative of Boston College's Carroll School of Management, hosts numerous lunch gatherings annually in Boston's financial district and attracts an elite crowd of much more than 250 CEOs from top businesses. CEOs from the pinnacle of their domains, intellectual leaders who relish the chance to engage a bunch of their peers, serve as guest speakers at all these events. CEOs worldwide discuss their perspectives in a setting that provides for open discussion, collaboration, and connections with the most important figures in the area. The Boston University, Chief Executives Committee, has transformed over the last 30 years into a distinctive and active group of the most significant corporate executives in the area. CEO coaching Boston has a track record of improving clients’ leadership capacities. It boosts organizational performance and growth, strengthens leadership teams, and contributes to the development of better cultures. Boston CEO Club assist executives and their teams in identifying areas that require improvement and in maximizing return on investment. Together, the Boston CEO advisors have more than 65 years of industry expertise, working with various Fortune 100 organizations and other multinational corporations. Some of them are influential organizations like Delta Air Lines and Accion International.

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CEO Peer Groups bring together CEOs, executives and business owners. Each group is guided by an CEO Roundtable to help members improve the performance of each other’s businesses.