Strabismus is also known as the squint eye which is today seen as a very common medical eye condition in both children and adults. It is an eye condition wherein both the eyes are misaligned and turned in a different direction, outwards, inwards, upwards, or downwards. But not always does a squint eye have misalignment and may occur occasionally with the eyes remaining aligned most of the time. This is called intermittent squint as opposed to constant squint which is visible all the time. Squint eyes could be developed at birth or may even develop after a few months of birth or later due to accidents or other medical conditions. It could be the result of genetic or hereditary reasons as well but the exact reason for squint is not always known. But no matter what the reason may be, treating squint eye with the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai is a must. Prompt treatment for squint eye is essential to prevent other visual eye conditions. Explaining more on this in detail we have covered in the article some of the risks of delaying the treatment of squint eye.
Risk of neglecting squint eye condition
Squint can have a negative impact on a child in terms of coordination, motor skills, overall self-confidence, and social interaction. So, once the squint eye condition in a person or a child is detected the person must be immediately taken to a squint specialist in Mumbai. Squint eyes in children need to be assessed and immediately treated to ensure no loss of vision development and risk of amblyopia. Promptly addressing the eye condition helps reduce the risk of complications like amblyopia, or lazy eye. Moreover, the earlier the treatment starts the more effective it is likely to be on the affected individual. Besides early treatment also increases the chances of successful treatment. That said squints can also be corrected later in life and there is no age limit for the treatment.
Consequences of neglecting treatment for squint eyes
Poor vision
A child with a squint eye condition may possibly stop processing information or image from the affected eye. This typically means the affected eye completely stops functioning. This leads to visual loss in the affected eye. A squint or strabismus may cause poor vision by preventing the affected eye from seeing or resulting in blurred vision.
Squint eye often results in impaired vision wherein one eye affected completely stops functioning. This is also called as amblyopia. This is also popularly called or referred to as the lazy eye. The visual loss from amblyopia cannot be corrected by wearing glasses. Here the problem is not just about the focus of the eye but an issue with the pathway in the brain that facilitates the functioning of the eye. The treatment for amblyopia is to give the vision processing parts of the brain to develop which will again involve many treatment options suggested by squint eye specialist.
Binocular vision
When the eyes move perfectly, they look and focus on the same spot. This is called binocular vision. Here the brain combines the visual signals from the two eyes to form a perfect three-dimensional image. However, in the case of squint, the two eyes focus on different spots. This may cause a double vision or in the case of children results in eyes not functioning effectively. In that case, the child will not have a proper three dimensions or visual depth when looking at objects. This can worsen over time and result in complete loss of vision.
Other related risks
Other visual-related problems caused due to squint eye may result in double vision, blurry vision, weakness of eye muscles, eye strains, and loss of depth perception to name a few. Overall without treatment for strabismus from a squint eye specialist in Mumbai can result in worsening of vision and complete loss of vision over time.
Apart from the effects on vision, a squint can be a cosmetic problem for a child. Children and adults who do not get their squint treated may end up with low self-esteem because of their noticeable squint eye. Social interaction becomes a lot difficult for them which could have an overall impact on their personality. So treating squint eye conditions from a leading squint eye specialist in Mumbai is absolutely essential if the individual wants to prevent the worsening of the eye conditions or even complete loss of vision.

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