Hydrosalpinx is a prevalent form of chronic inflammation in the fallopian tubes. Following inflammation, the accumulation of mucous cells occurs within the tubes due to adhesion and atresia, or it can lead to the formation of pyosalpinx due to blockage caused by an isthmus and umbrella adhesion. Subsequently, the fluid transforms into a watery consistency when the myocytes in the fallopian tubes are absorbed. The fluids can be absorbed, leaving an empty cavity not visualized in radiography for hydrographic imaging.

Exercises like yoga can help alleviate the symptoms associated with hydrosalpinx.

When practicing yoga, the body becomes relatively flexible and develops a certain level of endurance, which can enhance muscle strength. Additionally, specific yoga movements can target the muscles in the lower limbs and pelvic floor, helping alleviate gynecological inflammation and reducing the associated hydrops.

Women often experience weakness during menstruation, characterized by endometrial shedding, the opening of blood sinuses, and the presence of clots. Practices such as inadequate nourishment, neglecting personal hygiene, and engaging in sexual intercourse can introduce bacteria into the uterine cavity, leading to infection of the fallopian tubes and the development of hydrosalpinx.

Yoga generally promotes blood circulation, accelerates the body's metabolism, facilitates the elimination of toxins, and enhances cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. It also aids in burning excess fat, improving physical fitness, and boosting immune system function. Consequently, these benefits can help reduce the risk of bacterial infections during menstruation.

Pyosalpinx can easily occur after fallopian tube blockage, expanding the fallopian tubes. When the pyocytes and necrotic tissues in the tubes are decomposed and cleaned up by phagocytes, they eventually become a watery liquid. After the two ends of the tubes are blocked, the mucous membrane cell secretions accumulate in the tubes and become larger in amount, forming hydrosalpinx. 

In yoga, many movements are targeted at treating women's gynecological diseases, such as the Bound Angle Pose and Seated Angle Pose, which are conducive to relieving the fallopian tubes' blockage and relieving the hydrosalpinx caused by it.

Yoga can activate the cells of the fallopian tubes, and help the cells of the fallopian tubes to move up, helping alleviate fallopian tube blockage and absorb hydrosalpinx.

Yoga can promote the metabolism and blood circulation of the human body, help improve the endocrine regulation mechanism and improve the physiological functions of various organs to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by hydrosalpinx.

Yoga can create physical and mental pleasure, boost motions and clear up anxiety caused by hydrosalpinx, which is conducive to patients' mental health and recovery from the disease.

Besides yoga, individuals with hydrosalpinx can consider incorporating running, rope skipping, and walking exercises into their routines.

Running has been shown to enhance the body's immune system effectively and can provide specific assistance in the adjunctive treatment of various conditions. Hydrosalpinx is characterized by fluid accumulation within the fallopian tube's lumen. As the inability to expel the fluid worsens the condition in women, engaging in rope skipping activities can help facilitate fluid discharge from the fallopian tubes and promote the recovery of hydrosalpinx.

It is important to note that excessive exercise can lead to fatigue and potentially affect the functioning of the reproductive organs. Therefore, patients can also incorporate appropriate walking exercises, allowing the accumulated fluid in the fallopian tube's lumen to gradually discharge as they move back and forth.

Hydrosalpinx can significantly impact patients, emphasizing the importance of obtaining an accurate diagnosis and receiving appropriate treatment. While the mentioned exercises can serve as additional measures, patients with hydrosalpinx need to undergo medication-based treatment, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. This medication effectively eliminates inflammation, improves patient symptoms, and exhibits promising therapeutic effects.

Furthermore, patients must also prioritize strengthening their nutritional support during menstruation, after induced abortion and following delivery. It is advisable to focus on foods that are nutritionally dense, easy to digest, and rich in vitamins. Simultaneously, this dietary approach enhances overall physical fitness, boosts resistance and immunity, and reduces the likelihood of illness.

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