Every man can feel more confident by achieving fuller erections, and those who cannot, searches for the cause of erectile dysfunction. Although, it is hardly the most pleasant condition for a man, but in order to treat the condition, it is very important to know about the cause of erectile dysfunction. In addition, erection happens when a male is aroused, due to this blood pumps into the male organ making it to increase its size and hardness. Nevertheless, weak erections are leading cause for impotence in men. However, this condition may arise due to a number of factors but, only leading cause of erectile dysfunction are mentioned ahead.

1. Habit of excessive smoking restricts the blood flow to the male organ preventing male to achieve fuller erections. In addition, this faulty habit also impairs the functionality of valve mechanism which is used to store adequate blood in the male organ. Also, it can change the sperm morphology and decrease the sperm count, which can cause male infertility.

2. Alcohol abuse is another leading cause of erectile dysfunction, since it acts as a nerve depressant affecting the natural ability to achieve erection. On the other hand, it also makes it difficult to achieve hard and firm erection.

3. Emotional stress is the most prominent cause of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, this psychological problem increases the level of cortisol in blood which adversely affecting the level of testosterones. Furthermore, inadequate amount of testosterone not only affects the libido but also triggers erection problems.

4. There are certain diseases that can affect the ability to achieve proper erection, for instance multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart condition. Moreover, diseases are not only the leading cause of erectile dysfunction but also male impotency.

5. Many medications are likely to affect the male libido. For instance, antidepressants can depress the nervous system, and prevent proper blood circulation in the male organ. In addition, such medications can also affect the performance in the bed.

6. Sedentary lifestyle is another leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, toxins accumulate in the body due to lack of exercise. Also, it affects the proper blood circulation which is important for overall health. Besides, it is also responsible for hormonal imbalance which can affect a male's ability to achieve stronger erection.

7. An injury to spinal cord or weakness of nerves can prevent a male from achieving firm erection. Moreover, such problem may occur due to surgical procedures, or accidents, or diseases.

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