Do you know what really motivates you?

Most people have trouble answering this. This is probably because the answer is rooted in deeply-held concerns, fears and conditioning that began when you did... ancient memories of wins, losses and resentments that remain unsettled and

I had this problem much of my life. As a young man I was fascinated by everything from the Theory of Relativity to monster movies to how to build a campfire. In college I could never settle on a major. I switched from physics to psychology to music, then finally just followed my first wife to chiropractic college and actually getting my degree.

After becoming a licensed chiropractor, however, I still had no idea what I wanted to do "when I grew up." My weak attempts at making a living failed, and I ended up broke, divorced, and occasionally homeless.

I had yet to discover my "Why." Worse, I had no idea of how to solve this problem or find the answer to my deepest needs. Eventually I found both my Why and my life purpose … and it lay with unfolding the very nature of the search itself. My problem had become my mission!

I call this search for the elusive “Why” Motivational Cybernetics.TM It is the art and science of peeling away layers of thought and motivation - bound by inner decisions - and discovering the roots of where your motivation comes from. Motivational CyberneticsTM is a way to discover the origins of your thought process itself!

Discovering your true underlying "Why" is the BIGGEST factor to your success in everything in life! But pinning it down can be equally as elusive.

Finding the real hidden Why is often like trying to grab a handful of jello . . . the harder you grab, then faster it slips from your fingers.

You need a tool, i.e., a way to "grab hold" of hidden thoughts before they are lost to your awareness. While the tool for most humans is time and experience, there IS a faster way. It is called "muscle testing" or "applied kinesiology" by chiropractors
and healers.

Muscle testing is the "cybernetic" part of the equation... a way to freeze-frame a hidden decision and detect an underlying motivation and, hopefully, its corresponding thought. Muscle testing gives you a "yes" or "no" answer to any statement you make, presumably echoing the underlying "decision" of your subconscious mind.

As an example, let's say you've decided to get a job and have done everything you can to find one that pays what you need, but have had no success. What do you do?

The first step is to simply “freeze-frame” your decision to act. By using muscle testing, you can determine whether or not your subconscious mind will support you in this errand. Make a statement like "I choose to find a well-paying job," then test. If the test shows a strong muscle, this means you are on track.

If, however, your arm muscle goes a little weak, this is a good indication that your subconscious mind - as expressed through your involuntary muscles - does NOT support this decision. While the results in life obviously speak for themselves (no job), waiting for life to tell you may take some time. The use of muscle testing can
be a handy tool in determining quickly whether or not your subconscious mind is "congruent" (in alignment) with your conscious decision.

Motivational CyberneticsTM is a simple, binary process of tracing your motivation from the obvious desire to the not-so-obvious hidden decisions. When used regularly - and by a seasoned life coach or chiropractor - it can be an awesome tool for self-discovery.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Michael Craig is a chiropractor, business owner, Life Coach, and author of The Logical Soul® and The Six Figure Coach. He also trains business and Life Coaches how to use Motivational CyberneticsTM as an effective marketing tool to to build a successful practice. You can get more details at at