The immense popularity and success of Salesforce have led to it becoming a field of study and a career option. A lot of small, medium and large enterprises are always looking for Salesforce professionals to streamline their marketing and sales by using the CRM platform with precision.

When it comes to Salesforce jobs, the highest position a Salesforce professional can occupy in the hierarchy is that of a Salesforce Administrator. A Salesforce Admin can be referred to as the head of a department who looks after the technical and managerial aspects of the platform.

A Salesforce Administrator plays an important role in setting up and operating the CRM platform in an organization. They are the ones responsible for configuring Salesforce and its various features and tools according to the specific needs of an organization.

It is the Admin who needs to be as efficient as the Salesforce support services in the technical and managerial aspects of operating the CRM platform.
Scope For A Salesforce Admin In India

Right from assigning permissions to different Salesforce users to creating workflow rules, a Salesforce Administrator overlooks a lot of processes carried out by their team on a daily basis.

The scope for a Salesforce Administrator in India is huge. As more and more businesses are heading towards business automation and digitized CRM, every organization needs a good Salesforce Admin today.

However, if you are an aspiring Salesforce Admin in India, it is important to understand that the competition for the position is immense. Owing to the increasing demand for Salesforce professionals, you are bound to find several aspirants wanting to land the opportunity of becoming a Salesforce Admin in a reputed organization.

The Need For Salesforce Certification

To stand out from the clutter, it is important to obtain Salesforce certification to increase your chances of becoming a Salesforce Administrator in India.

Almost every business enterprise today is looking for an Admin who is certified by Salesforce. Certification provides you with an official stamp of approval from Salesforce, implying that you excel in your job and possess an edge over your contemporaries.

In order to become a successful Salesforce Admin in India, there are two major certifications you can apply for – Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Advanced Administrator.

The Role Of A Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator has several processes to look after and a variety of duties to perform. Here are some of the most important functions a Salesforce Admin needs to perform within an organization:

• Assigning permission sets to different users
• Unlocking user accounts and resetting passwords
• Adding white-listed IP addresses
• Helping users in developing customizable reports and dashboards
• Troubleshooting email campaigns, approval cycles, workflows, and auto-responders
• Refining sharing rules and access privileges for the records to be viewed and access properly
• Fixing data records that are inaccessible to the users
• Running adoption and data-quality dashboards
• Running and storing weekly snapshots of the system data and attachments, including all the history tables
• Examining time-based workflow and scheduled APEX queues
• Examining SFDC errors and debug logs
• Deactivating Salesforce users due to them leaving the company or moving to a position that does not require using Salesforce
• Transferring record ownership because of a change in job responsibility
• Modifying roles or record-sharing rules depending on the specific needs of the organization

There are many more duties fulfilled and processes carried out by a Salesforce Administrator. Being the most important position to apply for, it takes someone who excels in critical thinking and managerial skills to become a successful Salesforce Administrator in India.

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