In part one we learnt that the beginning of SPIRITUAL LIFE is knowing that you are not your body.
If you are not your body what are you?
Well, most of you know you are a Spiritual Being, but what exactly is that?

A Spiritual Being is a Dynamic Unit of Energy with the capacity to make considerations and postulates that can be felt as emotions and understood as thoughts or ideas.
It can materialize 'thoughts and ideas' into a concrete reality in the physical world.

But the for now it should be understood that man has three major parts or divisions called the body, mind, and soul.

The body is depended on the earth to survive, as the earth is depended on the Universe to survive.

So the body is not a Cause of itself, but either an EFFECT of the environment or the mind.

Because few people are trained in TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGY mankind is ignorant of the fact that the majority of mankind are Psychic Entities {PE} and not their true selves
as Spiritual Beings {SP's}.
To simplify this a CAUSE and EFFECT scale is best.
The body is an EFFECT as we already stated.
But the MIND is a CAUSE and EFFECT mechanism.

The 'soul' or SPIRITUAL BEING {SP}is the CAUSE of both the mind and the body.

A PSYCHIC ENTITY{PE} is either a Cause or Effect be depending on the circumstances surrounding it.

But man not knowing this data, even as a Psychic Entity {PE} still can roller coaster between being a Cause or an Effect of the events in his life.
Without knowing this, a person can easily be programmed to be schizophrenic.

The PSYCHIC ENTITY {PE} is always the 'false ego' of the person no matter how 'holy' or 'good' or 'bad' it may seem.

Only the SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} is the true Ego and none else.

Because the SPIRITUAL BEING can act as CAUSE outside the boundaries of the mind, it is also called FIRST CAUSE.

Let's go over this again.

The BODY is an EFFECT.



Being an 'unknowing EFFECT' is the worst.

In short, man operates best as the full CAUSE of his life and destiny.

And from the chart we covered you can see that would be a man as a SPIRITUAL BEING {SP}, which is his true Ego and original state of beingness in the first place.

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Bruce {Brewster} Peterson was born in Columbus, Ohio and has been writing for over 40 years.
He graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a B. A. in Psychology and Telecommunications.
He served in the U.S. Navy as a Electronics Technician for over 4 years.
He has over 20 self-help and self-empowering books published and on sale at Amazon.com/Books.
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