Do you know, a person's physical well-being is greatly influenced by his or her mental well-being? The beliefs of the conscious and subconscious mind of a human being directly affect their mental well-being. Based on this theory, the ThetaHealing technique is created.
This prominent healing method is a meditative technique of spiritual philosophy that established in 1995.

What is Theta Wave?

In our brains, there are 5 different types of brainwaves are working. They are Gama, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. These brainwaves change according to our physical and mental feelings. One of these brain wave stages is "Theta."

How Does It Work as Healing?

In the phase of a deep sleep, meditation or hypnosis, the brain waves reach the level of theta. This level increases the relaxation of the human brain. Scientists have found that this powerful wave theta can reduce stress and anxiety. That's why they decide, by utilizing this theta frequency along with medicine will grow mental well-being. This powerful healing method is called ThetaHealing.

What does ThetaHealing Do?

At first, ThetaHealing is applied to work for curing the physical pain. Now it helps to eliminate negative beliefs and patterns that break down your mental trauma and nervous system. ThetaHailing is now being used in many other ways worldwide. And all this is being done through theta meditation. You can say it as a ThetaHealing technique.

When we meditate, theta waves form in the front and middle parts of the brain. That signals the relaxation in the lower parts of the brain. At the theta level of the brain, performance gradually decreases. That’s where the process of physical relaxation works. For example, the state of mind or meditative state before falling asleep in the brain.

What is the ThetaHealing technique and how does it work?

This spiritual ThetaHealing technique is not associated with any particular religious’ philosophy. In all religions, meditation has been mentioned as a spiritual method of becoming more intimate with the soul and with the Creator.

Deep meditation or hypnosis enhances the relaxation of the mind and soul, alleviates stress and anxiety. This ThetaHealing technique alleviates pain, which induces emotional calm. Along with providing the ability to live a positive life.

It will also bring you an abundance of success, discovers your inner beauty and helps to grow up your relations through training.

So, you can develop yourself in body, mind, and spirit with this Theta meditation training. It will improve and develop your physical and mental health.

This ThetaHealing technique teaches you about unconditional love with your creator and yourselves. By this meditative treatment correlation with the medicine, you able to heal your physical and mental problems.

What are Trainers doing on the Healing Sessions?

Theta training gives you a clear concept of plans of existence. In our ThetaHealing sessions our trainers have split out it with 5 steps to find out and solve the problems. Here we are briefing you about these steps-

Step 1 - Problems finding and note down in your own words.

Steps 2- ThetaHealing practitioner will help you to Diagnosis your physical or emotional problems. They told you to write down what you think about the problem.

Steps 3 – Each session of ThetaHealing is 30 to 60 min long. But the number of sessions is depending on your physical or emotional problem.

Steps 4 - The blocked belief in your mind will be transformed into release, while you allow your conscious mind to say "yes" in preparation for a new reality. So, water your body and mind. That is why it is best to drink plenty of water before the start of a session.

Steps 5 - Before completing the session, the practitioner will check to see if problems and false beliefs have been eliminated or not from you.

The final realization of ThetaHealing

No doubt, this strategy is becoming popular with people. Moreover, anyone who takes this training can learn these healing techniques. This healing technique is a spiritual philosophy of life that gives you live training to build a fulfilling life.

Finally, that is to say, this method cleanses your body and mind, enhances your inner strength, and independence and allows you to maintain your balance in the real-life consciousness.

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