Ear is the organ which is responsible for one of fives senses that is hearing and also for maintaining the balance. Ear is divided into three parts which comprise of the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. The ears are situated on either side of the head and this helps in the localization of the sound. Ear is a very sensitive organ and can be affected by many diseases and these diseases of the ear can result in the loss of hearing and balance disorders like vertigo. If the ear drum gets affected by any such problem, it may result in impaired hearing and in such conditions medical procedures like tympanoplasty may be required by the patient to treat this loss of hearing.

Tympanoplasty refers to a surgical procedure which is mainly done for the reconstruction of the ear drum and also for the reconstruction of the smaller bones of the middle ear. This surgery is mainly needed in case of ear perforation. Ear perforation can be a result of chronic infections or in rare cases due to some trauma to the ear drum. Small perforations in the ear drum can heal spontaneously and on their own however if the perforation is large or if there is some sort of infection during the healing procedure the process of spontaneous self healing can get hindered and it is in such cases that there might be a need of tympano. Tympanoplasty aims at repairing the perforation of the ear drum and in some cases even the bones of the middle ear.

In tympanoplasty the tympanic membrane may need some sort of grafting. In case of grafting the graft is taken from the muscle sheath on the lobe of the ear however in case of limited availability of the graft plastic materials may also be used.

Tympanoplasty is becoming quite popular in India, since it provides the patient a chance to hear again and lead a normal life. Ear drum perforations are pretty common and have been seen in people of all age groups however these are more common in older people.

According to a survey done by the best tympanoplasty specialist in India , almost sixty percent of people suffering from ear drum perforation are below sixty five years of age and around twenty five percent of the people above the age of sixty five suffer from this problem. The major causes of ear drum perforation include birth defects which is very rare, ear infections and ear injuries are another significant cause of this condition, excessive noise can have a damaging effect on the ear drums and hence is a significant cause of ear drum perforation. Advanced age is another major contributor to the ear drum perforation.

Tympanoplasty is of various types and therefore depending on the type of tympanoplasty it can be done either under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. The procedure of tympanoplasty involves making an incision in the ear canal and elevating the remaining ear drum from the ear canal. Once the perforation is made, and the affected area is fully exposed, the bones of the middle ear are inspected and in case of any scar tissue the remaining tissue is removed as well. The graft or tissue from the lobe is then taken and dried. The graft is then given support and put in the place and the top of the graft is usually then covered by a very thin sheathing to prevent it from sliding from its position during sneezing or any other activity.

Although tympanoplasty is a very effective procedure, some diagnostics need to be done prior to the surgery and these test include physical examination of the patient to check whether the person is suffering from vertigo or any other muscle weakness. Other than that the patient might need to go for a blood test and also for a urine test. After the diagnosis has been done, the doctors are able to decide clearly whether the patient needs a surgery or not. Although tympanoplasty does provide a normal life to the patient however it is necessary to take all the precautions even after the surgery so as to prevent any sort of infection or pus.

Ear is a very sensitive organ whose job is to help us in hearing and also to maintain the balance of the body. Ears are extremely sensitive organs and hence can get easily affected by infections or traumas which may eventually result in impaired hearing or even loss of hearing. These traumas can often result in the perforation of the ear drum and also in the injury of the bones of the middle ear. Treatment of these perforations caused due to trauma to the ear drum and bones is done by a procedure called tympanoplasty. Tympanoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the perforated ear drum is removed and is replaced by a graft. The graft is generally taken from the muscles sheath of the ear lobe or at times even from the walls of the veins. During the surgical procedure, an incision is made through which the older damaged ear drum is removed and is then replaced by the new graft. However even after the surgery the person needs to take proper precautions so as to prevent infections. Tympanoplasty in India is gaining a lot of popularity due to its very high success rate and if you are looking for the best tympanoplasty specialist in India, BLK Hospital is your ultimate destination.

Tympanoplasty provides the patients with a new chance to hear again and has become immensely popular due to its high success rates and reduced number of risks. Since the graft is taken from the patient itself hence there is no worry or risk of infection due to matching. Before the surgery proper diagnosis is done to check if the patient is suffering from any other kind of disease which affect the success rate of the tympanoplasty. After the surgery has been done successfully the patient may need to spend a few days in the hospital after which they can live a normal life without the use of any hearing aid. A wide no of hospitals provide the facility of tympanoplasty in India and the best tympanoplasty specialist in India has been recognised worldwide for his efficiency and successful results.

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