Viral marketing is deceptively simple. Before laying out money on it, it's wise to asses its pertinence to your business, and that's one secret to gaining an edge over the rest, as explained by top entrepreneurs. They can't be wrong. Online startup and scale-up merchants, however, find it hard to research this relevance, citing hefty expenses, limited time, limited experience, among other limitations. I agree with them.

The question isn't about whether software exists to help at a lower price, but about which one is the best. That's why I decided to review UpViral in this article. Read on to discover more about it.

What Is UpViral?

UpViral is a cloud-based software, marketed as a tool that helps you uniquely increase your conversion rates. It enables you to create viral sweepstakes, waitlists, and rewards that attract as many prospective customers as possible. A handful of people will join your contest or giveaway, refer their friends and relatives, and increase their chances to win the prize!

The result is a massive email list of potential customers, which UpViral further helps you convert to real sales! This tool works on most, if not all, browsers, making it accessible to many.

How Does It Work?

1. Begin by registering on the platform and logging in to choose a plan (plans discussed later in this review).
2. Now create your leads, as well as thank you pages using UpViral's templates. Also choose the social media to do marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more).
3. Set the rewards appropriately. This is the step that involves choosing the amount of reward per action, for example, "tens points per lead generated."
4. Set your autoresponder and follow-up email series.
5. Now publish the contest on your website or any other website that you have control over. The contest can either be published to show as a pop-up or get embedded on a website.

What Is The Price?

There are three different plans on UpViral that you can choose from; the Starter, Business, and Premium plans. Each plan can either be billed monthly or annually, depending on what you choose, and whether you're determined to save or not.

• The Starter plan costs $39 monthly when billed annually, and $49 monthly when billed each moon. It attracts up to 10,000 participants, comes with a fraud detection tool and unlimited campaigns, among others.
• The Business plan costs $59 if you pay annually, and $79 if you make monthly payments. It attracts a maximum of 25,000 participants, comes with an A/B testing, doesn't include an UpViral branding, and features GEO targeting, among others.
• The Premium plan will need you to pay $149/month when billed monthly, and $199/month when billed annually. It'll attract up to a whopping 100,000 participants, offer unlimited campaigns, and do myriads of other magical transformation to your marketing efforts.

Is It A Scam?

I went through the reviews posted on this tool's official website to determine if they're genuine or not. The result is that all were from actual customers, and that should be good news and strong evidence that this isn't a scam!

The Bottom Line

Being not a scam, and with all the gem features it offers, UpViral is an ideal marketing solution to your business. I've not said it's the best, because there are even more promising tools out there. But, I'm happy that the software puts its results where the creator's mouth is. I recommend it!

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