If you are a smoker, you might have tried E cigarettes back when the technology first came out. I am going to make a bet that you probably didn’t like them back then, I sure didn’t nor did anyone else I know. Before we get into describing vape smoke and comparing it to cigarette smoke, let me tell you that this technology is more or less the same, but the juice in them has changed drastically, gotten simpler and got much more pleasant. When I tried an e-cigarette back in the day, it choked me half to death and made me ill. Modern vapes don’t do any of that to me at all, and they took me very little getting used to when I switched. I think I might’ve coughed on my first puff of one, and never again after.

So even though you are a smoker, let’s describe cigarette smoke. It has a pleasant bite to it, you feel a tingle in your lungs, and it satisfies you. It also dries your mouth out, irritate your throat and lungs, and it leaves a residual sent on your close, your fingers, your hair and your environment. There is ash everywhere, and there is a nasty cigarette butt to be rid of. Even if you are a regular smoker, it has some unpleasant immediate side effects as well as some long-term side effects with the smoker’s cough you acquire and of course the various health complications it cause you and those exposed to your secondhand smoke. You may not want to smoke in your car or in your house because you don’t want smell like an ashtray despite being a heavy smoker yourself. It’s inconvenient to be a smoker these days.

So, let’s talk a little bit about what vape juice is made out of before we describe what the experience is like. A cigarette, when you inhale the smoke, is filling your lungs with ash and carcinogenic compounds as well as tar and whatever other crap they might’ve added to the cigarette when they manufactured it. Vape juice is three simple compounds. It is comprised of a glycerin and water base, an alternative, safe source of nicotine and whatever compound is used for the flavoring. We know the effects of all these on the human body, after them existing for over a century, and they can’t hurt you. Nicotine is an actually harmful to adult bodies, it is just very addictive.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for – a description of what vape smoke is like. When you inhale vape juice, it is cooling, moist and almost has a relaxing sensation to it. It won’t dry your mouth or your throat out, your lungs won’t feel like they’ve been scoured, but there is still a satisfying fight and tingle to it due to the cooling sensation. There will be no residual secondhand smoke nor odor, there will be no ash nor any cigarette but to put out. You take a casual puff, enjoy the satisfaction and simply put the device back in your pocket for later. You can use it in your car, you can even use it in your breakroom if your coworkers aren’t looking. It is prohibited wherever smoking is, but I’m not going to judge you if you’re sneaky, I am!

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis