Water Filter Pitcher: - Water is very important thing for leading life on earth. Without water, there is no life for human being. Water that you drink and use for preparing food is free from contaminants. In order to purify them, there are several methods used such as water filters, boiling the water, reverse osmosis and chlorine tablets to purify the water. If you need pure water for your entire family or couple, it is best to go with the method of purifying water using water filter pitcher. This will remove contaminants by using an activated carbon filter and sometimes use a cartridge filter.

How Do Water Pitchers Work?

In water filter pitcher, there is an active filter layer that will actually remove the contaminants when the water passes through it. Such layer is an activated carbon filter or cartridge filter that actively works.

What is a Carbon Filter?

Any one of the things such as coconut shells or lignite or coal or wood or petroleum pitch used to manufacture carbon filter. Using anyone of the above materials, activated carbon produced either through physical activation or chemical activation process.

How Carbon Filter works?

Here the carbon filter makes use of natural process known as adsorption. As the carbon filter got porous surface all over the filter, the atoms over ions of contaminants will get trapped to those surface, thus leaving your purified water for drinking and cooking. After using carbon filter continuously for longer time, it will lose the ability to trap the contaminants. Thus, you should change the filters regularly according to the manufacturer’s period.

What is a Cartridge Filter?

A Cartridge Filter comes under the most advanced group of filter and, uses different technologies to give you the best tasting water. Some of these filters will allow the water to pass through 7 different filtering stages. Such stages may involve mineral balls, activated carbon, ion exchange resins and tourmaline etc. to get the purified water.

What Contaminants Do Filters Remove?

Carbon filter helps to remove several harmful chemicals from the water. Some of the contaminants removed by carbon filter include Chlorine, Trihalomethane Compounds, Volatile organic chemicals, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

But cartridge filters not remove the above contaminants but, also remove another harmful chemicals and contaminants with their hi-tech qualities.

Thus, a water filter pitcher preferred by most the people around the world, due to its affordable price. It also treats the water in just about 30 to 60 minutes during which it removes all the harmful contaminants effectively. The filter helps you to drink the water which is free from chlorine, less lead and no plastics too. So, book a good water filter pitcher and enjoy drinking purified and minerals-rich water and stay healthy.

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Peter Keiller