People in the early 1900’s didn’t mind their black and white colour TV because TVs were back then a grandiose item which every household was not privileged to. With the gradual visual effect changes in the television so did our taste for a better, increased visuals changed. Looking back at the more archaic websites than the recent ones, we will notice a huge difference in the visual affects and that proves how important a visual was in a society. Web designing which is the creation and planning of websites is an aspect of a website building process that involves the visual aesthetics and usability of a website, colour scheme, layout, information flow and everything else related to the visual aspect. In simple terms web designing is concerned with what the user actually sees on their computer screen or mobile device and less about the mechanisms involved beneath the surface.
The more non-technical terms of web designing is, it is the process of turning a house into a home. The architectural techniques involved in building the house has been done by the architectural engineers and the builders, it is now your job now to make the transformation and that is to make it as attractive and lively as can be where people/visitors would want to be a part of your household. In the technical term, this is called ‘conversion’, a process of turning the visitors into potential customers and that can be determined only if one meets the demands of the visitors. After all, what will be the purpose of having a website without visitors who are the core source of all your online marketing activities.
Web designing is an aspect of web development and both have been used interchangeably but there is so much more to both of them. Since both are the aspects of a website building, it is impossible not to mention one or the other when talking of one of them. While, web development is the developing of a website from scratch through technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS and a huge amount of patience, web designing uses markup languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP. They assume two different roles; one is associated with the web designing process and is involved with the front-end or the client side design of a website .Every football match on both the either side has the ultimate goal in mind of being the champion and for websites the goals are the audience, not just the audience but the targeted, potential audience and web designing in its role plan to achieve just that.
Since web designing for the most part is associated with the combination of writing and graphical elements to create a compelling message online for the targeted audience we often tend to forget the engines behind every wheel because they are not made to appear as crude as the other parts of the vehicle and in web designing it is that unseen/abstract elements such as the usability, layout traditions done with the Adobe Photoshop that determines the function-ability of the website apart from the everything else related to the visual aspects.
In the recent days, of all many aspects of web designing CMS as a recent tool has proven the most fruitful because among the millions and millions of users wanting/planning to have a website there will also be a section of a people with no technical knowledge and for such a challenge instead of speaking in the technical details it will be better off to concentrate on the functionalities. Two important sources of CMSs are WordPress and Joomla through which efficiency becomes the keyhole.
Web designing as an aspect of the website building process are like displays of mannequins to a store, it all depends on how and to which type of fashion/clothing you dress the mannequin to be that will result in visitors/customers visiting your store.

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