The practice of yoga nidra – nidra meaning sleep in Sanskrit – is thought to date back to 700 – 1000 BC. This powerful technique is derived from the tantras and teaches you to relax consciously. But what are the effects of yoga nidra? And how can yoga nidra benefit you?

Yoga nidra meditation, or the Yogic sleep, is a truly relaxing experience. As you remain aware, you enter a state of dynamic rest; you turn your attention inwards and experience the threshold between sleeping and waking reality. It is a powerful tool to connect with your subconscious and you can utilise this state to your advantage. In such deep relaxation, receptivity of our subconscious mind is greater – our consciousness is less connected to external stimuli and less distracted by the senses, meaning we can absorb information quicker, and we are very suggestible for new (positive) ideas. This state can be used to learn a new language, remove unwanted habits, and discover things about your deepest self. In fact, “yoga nidra can be used for directing the mind to accomplish anything” says Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the man thought to be the inventor of yoga nidra as we know it today.

Another advantage of this state of yoga nidra is creative inspiration; the intuitions received in yoga nidra enable one to find within him or herself the answers to all our problems and draw from a fountain of inspiration that resides deep within us all. Whether we’re looking for artistic inspiration or some creative problem solving, yoga nidra can help.

Modern life has brought many stressors that, when we are overwhelmed, affect our well-being and harmony in negative way. Psychosomatic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, digestive disorders, skin issues, and more often arise from tensions developed in the body and mind. If you know how to free yourself of tension, you know how to balance and restore yourself, thus reducing the impact of modern life. “If you practice yoga nidra, the nature of your mind can be changed, diseases can be cured, and your creative genius can be restored” says Swami Satyananda Saraswati. This simple practice has the power to penetrate the depths of the human mind and bring about real transformation.

The benefits of yoga nidra can be anything you want it to be, and the practice can be personalised to suit your individual needs. The basic premise for all persons participating is the same: we access the root of our creativity in a deeply relaxed, tantric state; we find ourselves in a state of receptivity where it becomes easy to plant positive intentions and ideas; we are able to sow the seeds of change in our subconscious mind; and understand our true nature by bringing the deeper layers of our psyche into conscious experience. Obviously, the experience will be different for each individual, but the benefits can be equally as rewarding; so we would encourage you to give it a go! Journey beyond the body and the mind into a state of true relaxation and experience for yourself the benefits of yoga nidra.

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