Godly men - it is time to rise up and discover what is your destiny! If you are struggling with this or are looking for help to walk out your destiny, then a Courageous Men's Destiny Team is for you.

So how does this life-changing, dream-realizing opportunity work? First of all, this chance to walk in your destiny does not cost anything.

There are 2 ways to become part of this team network. You can join as an individual and in this case you would be placed in an available team already established or being established.

You can also join with 1 to 3 other interested men, and in this case the newly formed team would be assigned a temporary mentor to help get your team established.

The qualifications to join a team are simple. You must be committed to discovering and/or achieving your God-given destiny and you must be willing to assist your fellow team members in this same quest.

Below I will first describe what the big picture of these teams look like and then I'll cover what can happen within a specific team.

The Courageous Teams Big Picture:

1)Teams will have 4 members and will operate independently,
2)Teams will commit to gather once or twice a month by chat or skype,
3)Teams will operate with an informal identified leader or mentor,
4)The Men's Resolution from the Movie Courageous will be used,
5)Teams will focus on prayer, encouragement, and confidentiality,
6)Each team will be free to decide exactly how they want to interact,
7)Team mentors are encouraged to report team progress or issues monthly,
8)New teams will branch off once they grow beyond 4 members.

Here is what can happen in these Courageous Teams:

1)Members can freely correspond with other team members during the month,
2)The team mentor will encourage leadership skills in all members,
3)Any team conflicts will be handled in a loving Christian manner,
4)Team members can request to be placed in another team,
5)There will be no requirement for face to face contacts,
6)Monthly meetings will introduce one Men's Resolution topic,
7)Wives are strongly encouraged to support their husbands but not interact with other team members.

Remember this. Discovering and walking in the fullness of your destiny is a process. End the frustration to finding the answer to what is your destiny now!

Teams will encourage and assist one another in:

- Identifying each members God-ordained destiny,
- This will involve your vision for your family if you are a father,
- Identifying and giving confirmation and counsel regarding this,
- Prayerfully seeking strategies towards realizing your destiny,
- Prayerfully seeking specific action steps towards the same,
- Learning how to walk in persistence, in patience, and by the Spirit, and
- Submitting to your team's evaluation of progress.

What an amazing journey to the fulfillment of your purpose in life can be. Allow the Lord to control your destiny.

If you are ready to make a life-changing commitment to discover what is your destiny, then a courageous men's destiny team is waiting on you. Your destiny will not magically drop out of the sky and fall into your lap.

You must fight for your destiny in life! There are teams ready and waiting to fight with you.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Ecuyer has a passion to help men get the support they need to discover and achieve their God-given destinies. If you want to discover what is your destiny, contact me at this link.