Sandy came to see me to be hypnotized to quit smoking. As we talked, she indicated that she'd tried everything else, and this was a last resort for her. If this didn't work, she was going to give up. Unfortunately, that was the message her subconscious got. Not that she wanted to stop smoking, but that she wanted an excuse to continue.

By telling herself that she'd "tried everything" and "nothing worked," this justified her continuing to smoke. Therefore, that was what her subconscious was going to act on. It knew she wasn't committed to quitting, and, as a result, was going to make sure she didn't succeed.

Hypnosis won't make anyone stop smoking, but it makes the process infinitely easier once they're dedicated to quitting. I told her that until she really intended to stop smoking, I couldn't help her. She needed to strengthen her motivation first.

Sandy's not alone. Many people think they want changes in their lives, but they're not willing to put the effort into those improvements. It's easier to talk about it, dream about it, but not do anything about it. The Law of Attraction draws to you your deep, inner intentions, despite what you consciously say you want.

How serious are you when you want to improve your life? Do you talk about what you intend to do, but don't follow through with any actions? You might announce that you plan to lose weight, but don't change your eating behaviors or start exercising. New Year's resolutions are rarely fulfilled because people don't work their plans. In these cases, the thought doesn't count and intentions are simply empty wishes.

Sometimes, you think you want a change in your life, but actually want to simply have the discomfort go away. As with Sandy, your intention isn't to change, but to confirm old ideas and be able to stay in the same place more comfortably. You want things to change, but don't want to do anything differently.

This probably isn't conscious. You may think you actually do want the change. But listen to the way you talk about it and what you actually do about it. That will uncover your true purpose. When you think you want something better, but don't want to make the effort, or make a half-hearted attempt, you sabotage yourself.

Your subconscious takes its direction from your conscious mind. When your conscious mind is ambivalent about your goal, your subconscious knows that. And since your old patterns are stronger, your subconscious will act on those. To become clearer about your intention, ask yourself how you feel about the goal? Do you think you should want it? Is there some fear about the unknown that puts the brakes on?

Intentions are powerful states of mind. They can make significant changes in your life. But you have to be clear about what your true intention is. If your conscious and subconscious intentions aren't aligned, then you're going to stay right where you are. Any internal conflicts about your goal will undermine your success. Once you've discovered what your basic intention is, you can then decide to change it or not.

If you choose to change it, then get clear on what it is you want in your life. When your conscious intention has become more powerful than the old habit, your subconscious cooperates with you to bring it to life. By setting an intention, you're focusing the unlimited power of your subconscious and the Universe into that one area. Once you've done that, all of Life will pour in to support you and the Law of Attraction will begin to draw its equivalent to you. And this will bring about the true change you seek in your life.

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