Despite the dynamic nature of life, we usually develop normal routines and schedules to provide some sort of structure and guide to our daily lives. Looking back at the past several months, can you discern a "normal" pattern in your day-to-day activities?

As a mom, personal development coach, and pet owner, my daily duties involve obligations of parenting and animal care. Between the morning hustle and afternoon mom-shift, the daytime is sacredly mine.

My normal day usually consists of writing, preparing coaching material, and learning new methods and spiritual practices to broaden my repertoire of self-help tricks and tips.

Listening to meditation music, smudging with sage, connecting with my spirit guides, and exercising are also default aspects of a day in the life of me.

Your norm may be completely different. Sometimes a normal day can be mundane and boring, yet safe and predictable. When this comfortable mode of regularity induces a state of restlessness, though, you may deeply yearn for more passion and excitement.

There are others who have normal days of chaos and confusion. Their "regular" is drama-filled and emotionally charged. These people may function at a high level of stress on most days. Sustained stress is not healthy, and they often find themselves wiped out on the occasional day when they literally can't go anymore.

Take a quick assessment of your norm. If you lack that awe-inspired feeling of joyfully wanting to start the day and create amazing results, maybe you could use a little shake-up. Why not add a free audio webinar to your morning commute? Would you be happier if you enrolled in an art class or volleyball league once a week? Growing past our comfort zone is necessary for personal and global evolution.

Perhaps it's time to schedule in rest and relaxation during the day. For example, sitting outside by yourself at lunch gives you a chance to breathe fresh air and reduce the mental chatter of the monkey mind. In this space of silence, you can connect more intuitively to your inner peace.

Each of our days vary with respect to our norms. If you are feeling stuck in your patterns or you can't even see a "norm" in your daily life, shifting your habits and mixing it up a little bit can provide opportunities for new growth and self-discovery.

~ Be the bliss, Alice

Author's Bio: 

Alice enjoys teaching others about personal and spiritual development. Visit her on Facebook at Alice Landry - Wealth & Wisdom.