You have a dream, you have a desire, you have a passion.

There is something inside of you that keeps coming back, something you really, really want to do.

It is more than a dream; it is a strong desire. That something, that desire makes use of your talents, uses your skills, your knowledge; it is something you like to do. When you think about that something it is like a spark. It ignites your imagination you see yourself acting the part.

If you are experiencing what I described before you are on the right career or job. If what you are experiencing is different from that you need to begging by analyzing what is success for you.

There is no destination on the map labeled “Success.” It is a process of growing and learning and reaching new plateaus, as we mature and grow in this process of life our perceptions and definitions of success change. Surely we do not have the same goals and aspirations today that we had when we were fifteen years old.

Today, our intentions and aspirations are different from those of five years ago. Our concept of success changes and evolves along with our bodies, our frame of reference and our spiritual and physical maturity.

Because our frame of reference changes it is important to analyze what we expect from success today. Of course most of people want to be wealthy and successful. But most people do not have a clear vision or a clear idea of what success means to them. We need ask ourselves: What do we expect from success today?

There is no right of wrong way of defining Success. It is an intangible. We recognize success by the results but it may not be properly measured.

In order to reach true and lasting success, your mind, your feelings, your emotions, your beliefs and your actions must all be in agreement and playing the same harmonious melody.

Disharmony, conflicting thoughts, emotions or beliefs will cancel each other and the stronger, most persistent, will win and become your intended or unintended physical manifestation.

We are absorbed by our own beliefs, our knowledge, our emotions and information to shape our points of view and the perception of our environment. Some times our own beliefs do not allow us to recognize our reality and inhibits us from identifying the patterns of behavior that prevent our success and the attainment of wealth.

Scherezade Lozano

Author's Bio: 

Scherezade Lozano, master astrologer, spiritual coach, and author, provides individuals and business organizations with valuable information to help them achieve internal balance. To understand the situations and people in your present moment and to gain a higher perspective where you will be able to capitalize on the present opportunities and to make the changes that are necessary in your life or business to improve your experience and your results.

Scherezade has studied astrology extensively and has guided many individuals and business organizations to discover higher qualities and identify opportunities to manifest love, wealth, abundance, happiness and success.

Scherezade readings and astrological analysis are not light readings, Scherezade's readings are life changing experiences, as she combines her extensive astrology knowledge with her natural gifts of channeling and intuitive energy reading.

Master Astrologer (Centro de Estudios Astrologicos)

Spiritual Counselor (Delphy University)

Instructor of Inner Sanctuary Training (Delphy University)

Mind Control Institute (Mind Control Jose Silva)

Primordial Meditation (Deepak Chopra)

Publications: Sucess Secrets and Habits, Guided Meditations (audio), Daily Affirmations (Audio).

And in Spanish: La felicidad Si Existe, Desde La Eternidad del Alma, Tus Negaciones y lo Dios piensa de Ellas, A Su Imagen y Semejanza