Spirit or totem animals are our connection to the earth and the animal/spirit world and offer guidance about where we are in our lives and where we need to expand and grow. We can have more than one spirit animal at a time and they can change during our lifespan. If you have a special connection or affinity with a particular kind of animal, this can often be your spirit animal, or if you begin to notice or see a particular kind of animal in your day-to-day life, pay attention to this as well. For example, you may begin to see several pictures of a particular animal all-of-a-sudden, see it in images or on television, or in real life.

I personally had the experience of seeing two spirit animals in the same short period of time when I was first learning about what my spirit animal was. My questioning nature at the time wanted a clear message and I was uncertain if my spirit animal was a dragonfly or a hedgehog since I was seeing them both all over. So, one night while lying outside in a hammock, I asked for guidance about which animal it was, and if it was in fact, a hedgehog or a dragonfly. Amazingly, not a minute later, a large hedgehog crossed my path but two feet away from me and just stopped and looked at me! Never in my life had I ever seen a hedgehog for real so it was quite something to see. Of course, after this, I knew this was my spirit animal needless to say. I laughed out loud thinking, ‘Wow, if that’s not a clear sign… I don’t know what is.'

Although your spirit animal may not come to you so dramatically, it will come if you ask for it. Just pay attention to your surroundings and be open to what the animal may be. Never in a million years would I have thought of a hedgehog for my spirit animal—but there it was in real life practically dancing in front of me. I new I had to pay attention and that the universe was trying to guide me. So I listened.

The symbol of the hedgehog was signaling me to open myself up to receive and to trust that what I was trying to manifest was coming. To continue moving forward and not shy away from my dreams and what I had to say. Strangely, or not so strangely, this was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. And not just a few days ago, guess who reappeared again right in front of me? Yes, another big hedgehog just two feet away from me again out in nature. It seems I was needing another reminder to have faith and hold strong to my path and so I laughed again out loud in amazement and gratitude for this little creature who was trying to guide me. Thank you little hedgehog.

So what do you do once you know your spirit animal ?

After you have identified your particular spirit animal or animals, think about what the animal represents for you first. Ask yourself some questions:

What are the qualities of the animal?

Are they fast or slow? Big or small?

Do they have any particular physical characteristics?

Can they fly?

Are they water or land animals?

Do they represent something in your culture or country?

When you think of this animal, what characteristics do you think of?

Afterwards, you can also look up the symbolism of the animal for further information. Notice what resonates with you. Our spirit animals offer a lot of wisdom and guidance about how we need to move forward in our lives and some of our characteristics we may need to pay attention to. If you’re open, they are there to teach and support you and even make you smile like my little hedgehog. They are a reminder that we are all connected to nature and that guidance and support is all around you if you pay attention.

You can also reinforce the presence of your spirit animal, by having reminders of it in your life. I recommend if you have a meditation or spiritual altar in your home, you put a small figurine or picture of this animal on it to acknowledge and honor it’s presence in your life. Give gratitude for the animal showing up and ask it to offer you further guidance. Let it be your guide, friend and support.

Take a moment now to think about any animals that you might feel connected to and ask yourself what its meaning could be for you. Feel free to let me know what your spirit animal is and what it's trying to communicate to you. Happy searching!

Author's Bio: 

Tania Manczarek is a therapist, intuitive energy healer and certified massage therapist and hypnotist. Tania focuses her life and practice on the mind/body/spirit connection and works in helping people to uncover their authentic self and life. Tania believes that true healing comes from listening to our deepest needs and dreams and that it is from this place of honesty that everything is possible in our lives. For a free consultation and to find out more healing information go to www.mymindbodyhealing.com.