I was recently having a conversation with one my private mentor clients and she asked me “How do you deal with being a high-level coach? You know, all of the competition…for marketing, clients, exposure … you know the coaching industry is so incestuous …”

Now I loved this question because it got right to the heart of what holds so many entrepreneurs back from experiencing success. So let’s look at, first, what IS at the heart of this question and then I’ll share with you what I told her, ok?

This question is about limited perspective and that there is only so little to go around and there will never, can never be enough for everyone. And I understand where this was coming from for my client because this is what many of us were told!

We were taught:

Only one person can person can come in first.

You want to strive to be popular.

There are people who are up here and people who are down here and that's the way it will always be.

There are only so many cookies to go around.

And get your hand out of my cookie jar.
You get the picture.

And perhaps this is resonating for you or even triggering a memory or two…

So this is what I told my client. This was my answer to her very important and key question:

“I just keep doing my thing.”

When I was generating under six figures; I was doing my thing.

When I hit six-figures; I was doing my thing.

When I passed the ½ million dollar mark? Still doing my thing.

Have there been people who have copied, stolen or borrowed (all the same really) my work and words? Yes, yes there have been.

And I just keep doing my thing.

So, what IS your “thing?”

There are 3 key, core components to your thing. Let me tell you what they are:

The unique energy you are here to offer to others.
The unique message you have to positively impact others.
The unique way you are here to share that message with others.
That’s IT. (Get the double meaning here?)

And what’s the common thread between these 3 key, core components?


No one can take that from you. Ever.

Without your thing – you’ll be struggling. You’ll spend a lot of time listening, comparing, envying and convincing yourself that if you “borrow” someone else’s words or marketing that it doesn’t matter. ..

When you have your thing? That’s all you need. NMW (No Matter what.)

Not sure what your unique message and offering is? Uncovering your uniqueness is part of my unique ability. I can get right to the heart of what you are here to offer, how to message that offer, how to activate that energy and take action on it in all of your marketing.

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