In life there is what is true, and then there is the Truth.

What is true is that I am writing this article and that you are reading it. We both share some form of English as a language. We are both interested in personal growth, and self improvement. We are both on a journey to discover what is real, and what really counts, otherwise you would not have started reading an article called "What is the Truth?"

What is true will change because we are learning all the time. While it is true that you are reading this right now, in a little while it will no longer be true, because you will be doing something else.

Science usually works on the premise that something is true until it is no longer held to be true. Here are some statements that used to be true:

• The earth is flat
• It is not possible to run a 4 minute mile
• Man cannot go into space
• Small pox is fatal
• The sun travels around the earth, and so on.

Each time we disprove the last true statement, we are expanding our knowledge base, and often raising further questions to be studied.

Do you remember being convinced that something was true until you learned otherwise? This often happens with a change of perspective, or discovering new information that changes our opinion. Can you imagine believing what you no longer hold true? And yet, remember how fervently you believed it at the time?

This demonstrates how much we like to be right, and also shows how fragile some facts are that are held to be true. If they are only true until they are disproved, were they true in the first place?

Part of the journey of spiritual growth is to see that we cannot possibly know what is true for someone else unless we can experience life through their eyes. When you begin to see that other people can witness the same film as you and yet see a completely different aspect of it, you begin to appreciate that we all see "the Truth" through our own filters and often this is where conflict begins.

The Truth, on the other hand, is immutable. It never changes. It is universally accepted as the Truth. It is not the intention of the author to tell you what the Truth is. This is something you need to establish for yourself along the way. We have been told that the Truth will set us free. Are we therefore living in illusion?

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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Caroline Nettle is passionate about healing, recovery, and assisting others to grow. Her website Spiritual Growth Tools is the culmination of many years of seeking answers about her own health and well-being, and studying the human condition. She writes articles, is a healer and gives talks about subjects relating to spiritual growth and personal development.
She is an avid reader and researcher and on her international travels, she came across many weird and wonderful ways to make the human experience more enjoyable. Some of them seemed a little comical, and some of them downright strange, but some of them had a profound effect on her health and well-being, and they inspired her to want to create Spiritual Growth Tools, so that she could share what she learned.
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