I come from Japan, the country where Zen flourished. My nickname is Dharma – from Bodhidharma – the name of the founder of Zen.

In this life I have found a modern way of Zen: Kinesiology. Perhaps I was a Zen monk in a past life!

To me, Kinesiology is Zen, and with this approach I have gained tremendous benefits from Kinesiology. I will be happy if you understand that Kinesiology is more effective when regarded as Zen.

The vision of Zen is so simple: everyone is a buddha, an enlightened being. By practicing Zen meditation you can get to know your true self, and attain the final spiritual state in which there is no more suffering or desire. The method of Zen meditation is so simple: just sitting silently or walking with awareness. But the daily practice of Zen meditation is so boring and difficult that historically, only a few have attained enlightenment!

Don’t you think that many more people could attain the highest happiness if there were a far better and far easier method to access your true self? Anyway, I thought that Kinesiology could be the alternative method to Zen meditation when I experienced a Kinesiology session for the first time in 1990.

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Kenichi ‘Dharma’ Ishimaru is the Faculty Representative for the International Kinesiology College (IKC) for Japan. In 2007, he was awarded the distinguished International Academy Prize by the Japan Culture Promoting Association for having promoted Kinesiology in Japan.

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