Looking for financial success in terms of developing a money making business on the internet requires more than simply establishing an online presence! Of course you'll need to have products and/or services that offer value to potential customers but even before that there are 3 traits you MUST possess!

Willing To Work

Marketing anything on the internet may not involve 'back breaking' work but it does involve work nonetheless! Just by having an online presence you can not expect to make much more than a ripple in a community that spans the globe! You must be willing to do what it takes to get noticed simply because you can rest assured that your competitors are doing the same! Although the 'work' may not be physically challenging, it will challenge your spirit and test your resolve! Are you willing to 'roll up your sleeves' and do what is required, including learning new things, to build yourself a web-based money making business? I hope so!

Willing To Take Responsibility

Having the willingness to take personal responsibility for both the good and bad goes with the territory when seeking financial prosperity! The biggest advantage working online has to offer any aspiring entrepreneur is the low start up costs which also means there is no need to have employees! Although working alone can be very cost efficient it also means you are responsibility for everything! When you offer value of any kind to prospective buyers, you must also back up these offers or your reputation will suffer! This boils down to the fact that when you triumph, in most cases, it is yours alone to celebrate as well as being accountable for any mistakes you may make!

Maintaining Integrity

The temptation of making money can also tempt people to compromise their own integrity but this will hurt them in the long run! As mentioned above it is up to you to maintain a good reputation, which may be the single biggest asset you have! In the vast majority of cases the success any money making business experiences typically begins with how people perceive its practices and the people behind it! If you can NOT maintain your integrity and reflect it in how you deal with customers, building successful web-based businesses will be extremely difficult for you to do!

If you desire to find financial success by developing a money making business on the internet you'll do well to possess certain characteristics! As important as it is to first develop yourself an online presence, you must remember this is simply a 'vehicle' from which you can offer value in terms of products or services! Of the utmost importance however is the 'driving force' behind the business you're building which of course is YOU! The discussion above elaborates about 3 traits in particular anyone needs to develop and firmly establish a real money making business online! This may be your reality check simply because if you don't possess any of the traits discussed above, your online 'dreams' will remain just that, dreams!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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