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This article will give you some insights into what it takes to become a successful marketer;

1. What To Do- And When

2. What To Learn To Be More Successful

3. Trust Is More Important Than Skills

4. Give More Than You Get-You'll Get More In The End

5. Keep Learning New Skills To Stay Ahead

If you are embarking on a path of online marketing; Web Design and SEO consulting, consider that "soft" skills will play a large part in your success.

What To Do..And When

First off, I would have focused on two things (which I have since focused on!); getting reviews and creating backlinks.

Getting reviews- the premise is simple: People buy in large part based on trust, and trust can be established, in part, through what other people say about you in reviews.

Creating Backlinks- this is of major importance in getting your website front and center in Google's eyes. When you create high domain authority backlinks, you increase your website's domain authority, a metric which is reputed to play a part in Google's notorious algorithm.

What To Learn..To Be More Successful- that's an easy one: search engine optimization (SEO). As an online marketer, you should be well versed in SEO, because it will impact your visibility in the search engines as well as the amount of traffic to your website.

Trust is more important than skills. This point can't be emphasized enough. If you show great examples of work, but people don't trust you, they won't buy.

Always give more than you are paid for, and Karma will always paay you more in the end. People tend to reciprocate when you are generous, maybe not financially, but they might show it in other ways, like referring a juicy job to you. Just give, in good faith.

Keep Learning New Skills! Because your competitors are, and they will steamroll your business if you don't keep up. Anything new and creative that you can throw into the pot will add flavor to your services.

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Hazel Sansbury is a content writer and a copywriter specialized in Business, Ecommerce, and Digital Marketing.