For those who want to transform their living past gender abnormalities that they are born with, gender or sex reassignment surgery is the final step. While one may feel awkward living in a body that is of undesired gender, he/she may consider transitioning their body parts as that of the desired gender and this is no longer an impossible task as science and technology has made revolutionary advancements in the field of gender transition so that a human being can be converted from female to male or male to female and live their lives the way they want.
In early India, sex change or trans-genders were not socially acceptable. But, now as the globalization and awareness regarding gender identity disorder has risen, more and more people seem to accept gender reassignment. While there are not many centers offering services like sex change surgery in India, a few like Synergy Cosmetics are doing incredible job of helping individuals transform their lives for more happiness and satisfaction. Our center for sex change surgery in Surat has world-class infrastructure, reliable facilities and experts to carry out both male to female and female to male transformation surgeries without hassles. While male to female transition surgeries are quite simpler with minimal process, female to male surgery is an elongated process that is carried out in various stages and takes much longer time and efforts.
Suppose, if you are a candidate for female to male transition, you need to undergo mainly three transformations - facial, chest and genital. At our center for female to male surgery in Surat, we carry out these transformations in stages through a cumulative procedure that includes processes like bilateral mastectomy or top surgery, hysterectomy and oophorectomy, metoidioplasty, scrotoplasty, urethroplasty, vaginectomy and phalloplasty.
However, not every individual seeking FTM sex change surgery needs or gets one. The person should be 18+ years of age who has undergone a special hormonal therapy for about 12 months and has a confirmation from a reputed psychiatrist. Only then, they can undergo the detailed surgical process to become a trans-man. Once the person is evaluated fit for the reassignment process, they are guided by our surgical team that provides comprehensive support and complete guidance before, during and after the surgery.
While many of them prefer going abroad in foreign countries like US and Thailand for sex change, some of them may not be able to afford it as these surgeries cost a lot higher in these countries. With centers like Synergy Cosmetics, it's now best possible to undergo female to male surgery in India as well, without having to put extra bucks and efforts for travelling to foreign countries.

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