Marketing on the internet has opened an entirely new entrepreneurial frontier for people wanting to go into business but lacking the financial resources. Curiously enough however is the fact that many still remain reluctant when it comes to starting an online business. As mentioned the investment of capital is not a factor as proven by many of the successful entrepreneurs seen on the internet today. So what is it that keeps people from going online and using the internet to experience their dreams of small business success?

Here are 3 factors, some which may surprise you, that keep people from taking the 'plunge' and starting an online business.

Techno Phobia

I am not quite sure if there is such a word but work with me on this since I believe you got the point!Many feel they do not possess the technical skills required for starting an online business and therefore rule out any attempts on their part as a result. The fact is that the level of technical expertise you may possess will not necessarily lead to small business success online but only serve to help you automate your efforts a little easier when you first start out! In time absolutely anybody can learn what it is they need to know to work online

Lack Expertise

Many feel they do not possess the knowledge to become an authority in any given niche. Firstly this knowledge can be acquired by research and the willingness to do so. Actually it seems what people seem to lack the most of is the self confidence they have in themselves to become another one of the many successful entrepreneurs found online.

Lack Motivation

The very essence of most successful entrepreneurs is their ability to motivate themselves and many people are lacking in this area! As an entrepreneur you will likely be wearing many different hats and be responsible for the completion of most if not all of the necessary business functions. If you do not possess the drive or ambition to do so then starting an online business is probably not for you!

Marketing on the internet is a great way for anyone to experience small business success due to a large global audience and little need for significant financial investment. Strangely however many still display reluctance at starting an online business. Even though there are many successful entrepreneurs that can give testimony to the numerous opportunities available on the internet some people still tend to shy away. The 3 factors discussed above are among the most common reasons identified as 'barriers' that keep many from pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurial success online. When it gets right down to it however it seems the last factor, motivation is the real hurdle people seem to be struggling with the most. After all if you have got the motivation it would seem learning the necessary technical skills and acquiring additional knowledge about your selected niche would be a none issue!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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