In the world of retail, especially in the metaphysical area, our clients and customers come to us because they are on their path of personal, spiritual, metaphysical, etc growth. These customers come to us because we are the local “experts” in our field who can give them the information they are looking for. We provide the information to our customers through the products and services we offer at our shop. However, we also provide them information through our verbal and non-verbal communications and interactions. These are the subtleties that we normally aren’t conscious of when we are interacting with our customers. What other cues are they picking up from us?

It is more important that ever in today’s climate, with the changes in consciousness, the economy, the environment, that we communicate with our customers in a way that we can provide the answers that they are looking for. One question that isn’t asked directly, is “Will the information you are carrying work for me?” Let’s face it, there is so much information out there, it is important for people know that the information you are carrying in some way will assist them in enhancing their lives. You can make a powerful impact by subtly communicating to your customers that you are not affected by the economy. Your business will always thrive because you are at the consciousness level that will allow success to happen. So how can you as a retailer move into this reality?

The importance of framing your customers.

Your customers unspoken impression is a subtlety that occurs on a daily basis when both a new and a repeat customer walks into your shop. If you are a metaphysical/New Age store, the majority of your clientele are there for 1 thing, and that is to enhance their lives. The general belief is that they do this by raising their consciousness, and so they look for books, programs, courses that will allow them to do that. This is where your subtle communication, both spoken and unspoken come into play that makes just as an important influence on the customer as what you say.

The most powerful and subtle ways you communicate with your customer is by the way they feel when they walk into your store. The layout and condition of your retail space speaks volumes to the customer. What kinds of products are you promoting? Does your shop energize people when they walk in, or does it lower their energy? For example, if you have a sizeable section of Feng Shui books, does your shop reflect the benefits of Feng Shui by making use of the subtle differences in energies? Are you a living example of what using the material can do for you? Remember, your clientele come to you for guidance in the area of living a life in a higher consciousness, and it is in the subtle details that they will consciously and even subconsciously determine if you are the real deal or not.

If you are promoting the lifestyle of living with a higher consciousness, the words you use and the way you promote your store, products and services should be reflected in the subtleties of how you word things. Do you focus on the negative? Speaking about what the customer doesn’t want? Or do you focus on the positive and what your customer desires? What do your posters say? Do you use bright colors that bring the energy up, or are there a lot of dark colors that bring the energy down? Does your shop smell musty and old? Are shelves dusty and do things need painting and repair? What is the condition of your plants? Are they lively and healthy, or are they wilted or dying? Your customers may not even consciously be aware of these things, but they will be aware of these things on a subconscious level, and this is the level that makes the huge differences in how much your customers are connected to you and your business. How many times have you heard your customers say to you “I really like coming here because I just like how the place feels!” When the majority of your customers are telling you this, you can bet that they are telling others as well.

This brings up another point…. You will attract the type of customers that reflect where you are in your consciousness. Are the majority of your customers struggling financially? Are they always in some kind of drama and have an excuse as to why they can’t purchase some of your more higher priced products, the products that you more income. You attract the customers that reflect where you are, financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Want more prosperous, higher conscious clients and customers always supporting their personal growth through books, courses, seminars and programs? If you are not willing to invest in yourself with the kinds of materials you sell from your store how can you expect to attract clientele that are willing to do the same? You don’t have the money to invest in yourself? Guess who you are attracting to your store? You have the money but don’t make it a priority in your life? Guess who you are attracting to your store? You must be the change you want to see (Ghandi). So with all of the things going on in your life right now, how do you create these changes for yourself?

To Preframe your customers differently, you must reframe yourself.

You know that you are applying higher consciousness to the big areas of your life, but what about the subtle areas, the areas that produce the powerful and rapid results? As the saying goes, when you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves. How are you communicating with yourself? Do you use language that is decisive, concise and clear? Are you coherent in your thoughts, words and actions? How do you become conscious of the subtle thoughts and beliefs that you have that are keeping you from being fully coherent in your thoughts, words and actions, or do you use language such as ‘self-esteem’ which creates conflict in the mind? Do you have a system that will keep you focused on what subtle limiting beliefs you have that you think and speak on a daily basis that you don’t believe are actually limiting? Do you understand HOW you are wired, and if you make your choices in each moment based on fear, or based on love? Paying attention to your customers, and what they do, and say when interacting with you will give you a very good window into how you are operating and projecting yourself into the world.

Once you have the tools that will allow you to see just where you currently are, you can decide if your current circumstances are serving where you want to be or not. Now, you can make the choice to do things differently. If your customers are reflecting a poverty mentality back to you, then you are aware that is what you are projecting out into the world, and you can make a choice to choose differently because you are conscious of what your currently level of consciousness is. Once you have decided what you want, the kind of clients and customers you want, you will need to project that out into the world through your surroundings, actions, dress, words and thoughts. The sooner you put your new desired reality into your subconscious, the faster it will come. The more subtle your awareness, the deeper and faster you can place your desired reality into your subconscious.

Step by step conclusion

To sum it up, the steps you need to take to get you where you want to be, using the subtleties that surround you, are the following.
• Create a clear picture of your desired customer, and the traits your customer has.
• Discover what your current beliefs are by observing you language, habits, what others are reflecting back to you and your current experiences.
• Decide what need to change within you that will allow you to have the traits of your desired clientele
• Implement these changes at the conscious and subconscious level using systematic tools that can be incorporated into your everyday life.
• Follow every action that you intuitively feel you should do. You may notice your urges/tastes begin to change
• Acknowledge every change you experience. Celebrate and welcome it and be in the joy of what you are doing for yourself and for everyone that interacts with you.
• Continue to observe self through your language, habits, etc. and make adjustments to what is no longer working for you
• Enjoy the abundance that comes your way.

Your customers are a reflection of you. They will reflect your fears, joys, strengths and weaknesses. If they see you as leading the way, and standing solid in the face of whatever the economy is doing, they will support that source of strength within themselves and will do what is required for them to have it for themselves. When you preframe your customers with abundance and success, you are actually supporting that power within themselves, as well as within yourself. Make that investment and commitment in yourself if you are not where you want to be in your business. It won’t just serve you, but all of your customer base as well, both present and future.

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Veronique's intensive spiritual quest became expressed in her innovative course The Choice Is Mine. Her work teaches you how to look at life situations so you can know your full potential & act positively on that awareness, to live your dream life sooner rather than later. Take that first step in your personal development & begin reprogramming your subconscious today.