In the event of an emergency, such as a blackout or a storm, not all flats have access to dependable power sources. Most apartments do not have onsite backup generators, so if the power goes out, you will have to wait till it turns back on.

In this type of emergency, gas-powered generators are the first thing that comes to mind, but they aren't necessarily the greatest solution for everyone. They're loud, and they run on gas, so you can only use them outside. 

The most concerning aspect is that they generate carbon monoxide, which may kill a person in minutes. The fact that you can't see or smell the gases adds to the risk.

As a result, you should never use a gas-powered generator indoors or even in partially enclosed places such as your apartment balcony, to mention a few examples.

But don't panic, there are generators that can be used indoors! For those who live in apartments or condos, battery-powered generators are a viable option.

They don't require gas and don't generate fumes, making them ideal for indoor use. The majority of them may be recharged by putting them into an outlet or using solar panels.

In this post, you'll learn how to use generators safely indoors, which type of generator is best for use inside an apartment, and a few of our top recommendations.

Battery-powered generators are your best alternative for an apartment, depending on your budget and the amount of electricity you require.

For starters, these generators generate no noise and emit no hazardous gases, making them ideal for indoor use!

In reality, the only sort of generator that may be used indoors is a battery-powered generator.

Standby generators are another option. They are often powered by propane or natural gas, which necessitates their installation outside and can be connected to you house with transfer switch.

The benefit of standby generators is that they automatically turn on when the power goes off, alleviating your concerns. They are, however, more expensive and will necessitate installation and ongoing maintenance. You should also check with your landlord to determine if it is permitted.

Battery generators are essentially giant rechargeable batteries the size of a microwave. They are often large enough to run small appliances for a few hours. You may also charge them using solar panels or by plugging them into an outlet.

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