There are 4 kinds of ground. The Good Book, the Bible describe them as: Wayside, Stony Ground, Among Thorns and Good Ground.

On each type of ground, there was an occurence. Each occurence took place depending on the kind of ground. The ground dictated what happened to the seeds that fell on them.

So, if we liken these grounds to the heart, we can say, what happens to you is determined by the kind of heart you have. And the kind of heart you have determines what you THINK on. And what you THINK or meditate on is determined by what is on your heart.

Let’s talk about the Wayside heart.

On this ground, the Good Book tells us that the farmer went out to farm, as he did, some of the seed that he carried fell along the ‘wayside.’ Result? The fowls of the air came and ate them up.

The wayside is just that, a way along the side. Nothing special about it, it is not looked after, it is not secluded, it is not in a special spot, it is accessible by any and everyone. Thus, the birds also have access to it. So, as the farmer went along, and some of his seeds fell there, the birds swooped down and had a meal.

What kind of heart do you have? Is it a ‘wayside’ heart that is not secluded, not special, not kept away or aside so that not every one and anyone does not have access to it? If it is a wayside heart, it is no wonder then that the all kinds of people and circumstances come and eat up the good seeds that have been dropped there and sooner than later you find that you do not remember these things anymore and wonder where or how it all disappeared.

Guard your heart, the Good Book says, for out of it come the issues of life.

Should it be that the issues of life are seeds that are dropped on your heart, you will not want to lose them, for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Consider this. The wayside is usually hard ground. Is your heart hard? It is difficult for anything, even water to penetrate through hard ground.

Let it be that you subject your heart to ‘seeds’ that will soften it and make it good ground … but we shall talk about that later.

Suffice it to say, ‘keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.’ – Proverbs chapter 4 and verse 23.

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