Despite the fact there has been a fascination with psychic phenomena throughout Europe and America for well over a hundred years, there has been little research into what makes someone inclined to become a psychic.

There are though many commonalities in people who are likely to become successful psychics and mediums. Certainly in my experience I fall into many of the categories and so I am sure will you.

From early childhood psychic individuals seem to have an intense involvement with what we would term as ‘spiritual’. This does not mean religion, it means nature, natural things, the super-natural and the fairy world. Since I can remember I have had an intense fascination with fairies and ‘beings of the woods’. As a child I remember standing for hours looking at the Arthur Rackham paintings of fairy figures and elves. As an adult, not so long ago, I became incredibly excited to find a first edition Arthur Rackham book in a charity shop. The shop had recognised this to be a gem also; they had the book encased in a glass cabinet. I went away to get a large sum of money to pay for this book; when I returned another fan obviously had their eye on it too - it had gone!

Many psychic ‘types’ are said to be left-handed. Personally I believe this to be true to a certain extent, but by no means set in stone. For many there is an inherited trait; again in my opinion, although a contributory factor, this is not necessarily so. Having said that, ever since my young son could speak he would talk of his ‘friends’ at the end of the bed and he would walk into the gym changing rooms with a key to a locker I’d been using and be able to go straight to the correct locker and open it (amongst hundreds of them). He’ll walk past pregnant women and tell you the sex of the baby as you pass. It sometimes verges on embarrassing when he walks past and says ‘there’s a boy in her belly’ to find the woman spin around to say ‘yes indeed there is’. However, there are many people now with incredibly psychic children, yet their parents would not recognise intuition or psychic ability if it poked them in the eye.

A major contributory factor to the likelihood of someone being psychic is the inclination towards the arts rather than the sciences. This is anything from the traditional artist to the writer, gardener, avid reader, historian, teacher, - anything that is creative. It is the main reason why, when I give readings to people, many of whom are deeply psychic themselves, I often see a type of ‘emotional illness’ where people feel restricted in their life, kept away for some reason or another from their true passions in life. These are creative types living a stifled existence owing to the pressures of fitting in with society’s plan rather than their own.

Allow your true, ‘psychic’ side to be free in its expression. It doesn’t mean communicating with spirit all the time or being frightened of the possibilities of psychic phenomena; it means learning how to really, truly enjoy beauty. Even for a moment, let yourself enjoy and appreciate the romanticism of life.

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