Before considering sleep aids or OTC medications, it is vital to check your lifestyle to find out about adjustments to be made. Sleep depreciation can be due to lengthy hours of work culture affects the well-being of employees and employers.

For example, managers possibly show bad temper due to sleep deprivation. They are liable for hundreds of workers. Therefore it is necessary to eat healthy food and allow some changes in sleeping pattern.

Stories about successful people sleeping for just 5 hours per night must not disturb you. They actually made up with this short night sleep with snatching snoozes in the day. Decent night sleep is not a sign of weakness but a sign of good sense.

Make small changes in lifestyle and enjoy a good night sleep

Change of sleeping habits
• Bedtime routine needs to be established. Go to sleep and wake up daily, at the same time.

• Waking to bright lights with regular bedtime schedules sets your internal clock system (circadian rhythm).

• Make sure your bedroom environment is comfortable with sufficient coolness and dark.

• Take warm bath to relax the body and initiate sleep, before entering the sheets.

• People suffering from insomnia need to remove all the non-sleeping activities like computer, TV, unopened mails, and other destructions from the bedroom.

• If you cannot sleep within fifteen minutes, it is sensible to get up do some meditation and tuck yourself in bed, when you feel sleepy.

• Never depend on weekends to meet the deprived sleep hours.

• Avoid nap of more than half an hour in mid afternoon because over-napping can meddle with sleep drive.

Is it time for mattress replacement?
It is necessary to check your mattress to ensure a good night sleep. The culprit may be your mattress, which is providing less comfort and support.

How to check?
If you wake in the morning with a low back pain, which needs half an hour to get alleviated means the mattress is inappropriate. So consider to replace it, soon.
There is no rule of an ideal mattress, so it is suggested to visit the store and test each mattress. Spend 15 minutes lying on the bed in same position you normally sleep. You can check out the amerisleep revere bed, which is preferred by stomach and back sleepers.

Eat appropriately
Certain natural food like dairy products, salads, fish, and turkey enjoyed at dinner contain amino acid tryptophan, which enhances sleep inducing hormones serotonin and melatonin. Eating heavy meals for dinner makes it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore it is advisable for those finding it hard to sleep to eat light snacks, which may actually help them.

Avoid caffeine after noon
Caffeine stays in your system for twelve hours, which can hinder your sleep quality. Sleep will be lighter, less restorative, and more fragmented. In addition, stop drinking tea, soda, decaf, and coffee before lunch. Moreover, avoid using lots of beverages and alcohol because a full bladder can disturb your sleep.

Things to remember
Schedule your sleep and wake up time including weekends. Get a little exercise an hour before your tuck time. Avoid napping for more than ½ an hour in the afternoon. No mobile or computer an hour before bedtime. Maintain your calmness all through the day. Consistently follow your sleep schedule and habits to stay healthy and wise.

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