When you find yourself in dire straits, a lawyer can be your closest confidant and ally. You might have been injured in unsafe circumstances at work or have been hurt by a faulty product. Sometimes though, you find yourself on the defense, forced to protect against the accusations of another. Here are 4 such times where a defense lawyer might come in handy.


Most obviously, a criminal defense lawyer is essential if you are accused of a crime. The state is legally required to supply you with a public defender. However, it can be good to have a lawyer on call. Particularly if you work in a field that can run into the police, such as activism or homeless advocacy.


Even if you have filled out your taxes to the best of your ability, you can still get audited by the IRS. A tax lawyer can help you figure out what went wrong. Review your tax information with them to find the best solution. Many tax cases end in settlements, but should the case require, they can fight for you in tax court.


Whether you are trying to leave the US or trying to get in, an immigration lawyer can help. Especially if you find yourself on the bad end of the government in question. Mix ups with green cards and work visas happen all the time. However precarious your situation, it’s important to plan for every potential problem. Many immigration lawyers work pro bono for those in need. It’s good to have a consultant on your side, to help in case you run into trouble.


Circumstances such as a dispute at work or between neighbors, a divorce, or a conflict with a business can land you in the middle of a civil suit. Such cases can be fraught with legal complexity and can even cover many different areas of law. You cannot advocate for yourself alone. Before any such case can begin, you should have a lawyer ready to call. Knowing exactly where to go in case of a civil suit can be a source of great comfort.

If you find yourself accused, whether as part of a crime, a civil suit, missing something on your taxes, or an immigration problem, you should find a lawyer. Legal defense is the most important line of protection against such problems. The above descriptions should help you shore up defense for the future.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.