This question ought to be applicable not just to the designated graphic designers but also to all the people in the working industry. What is being left unsaid is that, most good graphic designers posses in themselves some principles that have determined why they have been called ‘good’ so in the first place. There is so much more than just the inborn talents that makes one a good graphic designer, being trained to acquire tools that can make a difference to the world they could have every audacity to boast off of. But that is not so for a good graphic designer, to be good in the vast growing industry means to be in harmony with the clients and the people. There are so many characteristics that determine which factors makes one a good graphic designer, but we will only talk of just the basic, inevitable points.

Communication: The first and foremost factor is to establish a good communicating story that corresponds to the client’s stipulation, brand and ideas. In the airport when you go to collect your luggage it is not uncommon that you will find someone with the same or similar luggage, the question here is the content inside. When your potential client’s claim is not established to the audience then your long days of drudgery would be on no purpose.

Passion and drive: There is this wall sticker in our office that says” If you want to quit, remember why you started”, too often a times our work might do not go as intended or as planned and success is never guaranteed but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. In this very demanding creative work, creativity cannot bloom unless you do what you love and design being a work of love one needs to entail unsaid long hours, edits and tricky workloads that requires a ton lot of patience. Creativity in the end all comes down to the long detailed study and observation that eventually leads to an idea-development.

Curiosity: In the Game of Thrones, it is curiosity that led Bran to lose his leg but in the creative work, it is curiosity that will help discover another Terabithia. They say necessity is the mother of invention, but they forgot to mention that curiosity is the root to exploration. Curiosity leads to self-doubt and self-questioning and these two are very important aspects one should implant in themselves if one is planning to move forward.

Able to take criticism: Recently a colleague of ours was harangued over by a senior colleague because of a certain reason which only the two are privy to. Well, the importance of this anecdote is to point out the state of compositeness she maintained despite the sharp words. Life can never be a box of chocolates and unless you have a chasing force behind your back, you will not run which means your growth is undetermined. Able to take criticism is a strength that only proves the other of your willingness to grow.

Problem solving: Unless you are in ‘Neverland’, but oh wait, there is a problem there too, the vicious Captian Hook, you can always expect to have a problem in every walk of life. The question is to how one solves it. Graphic designing is more than just the aesthetic aspect of communicative design, it is also about the need to think logistically and critically to every arising problem because the cannonballs are not ceasing anytime soon, it is you that will have to build a better strategy.

A beautiful garden automatically does not become one so without the flowers and the trees in it. To make it beautiful one has to remove the weeds and the dirts because noting is available off the peg. It is completely up-to you to make the best out of the given situation.

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This question ought to be applicable not just to the designated graphic designers but also to all the people in the working industry.