Most people are familiar with a nebulizer. Yes, you might have seen one in a clinic, hospital or even in someone’s home. Usually, a nebulizer is a small to medium-sized electric equipment that is equipped with an air compressor, allowing it to aerosolize medications, that is, to convert liquid to aerosol particles. In turn, the mist particles are directly inhaled by the patient through nasal cannula (also known as nasal prongs) or masks. While it is most commonly used in the treatment of asthma, nebulization is now being considered as a treatment modality even for other conditions like the common colds and sinus infections.

Nebulizer 101
Nebulizers can come in handy because they can be used to provide relief from common respiratory tract problems. Typically, they aren’t too costly so you can afford to have one in your home. But, if you are trying to invest in one, don’t go grab the first one you find. There are a lot of nebulizers available in the market. Now, question is, how do you find the best choice? Well, you should look into these key features:

A good nebulizer is one you would love to use at home - operates quietly, and not too bulky. Of course it wouldn’t hurt at all for it to have an option to be battery operated - that way, you can conveniently move it from place to place as necessary.

The Flash
What if you don’t have 20 to 30 minutes to spare as your nebulization time? With an ordinary nebulizer, you might find that cutting your treatment time to half means you are also wasting half of your medication because it can aerosolize only this much medication in that time frame. A good nebulizer, on the other hand, is one equipped with a compressor powerful enough to aerosolize at a much faster rate so that the entire treatment regimen can be done in as short as 5-10 minutes to ensure better patient compliance.

Right on Target
Remember that what makes nebulization so effective is that in principle, the mist particles, containing the active ingredient of the drugs, are able to exert their effect faster since they come in direct contact with the airways. Thing is, will that actually be possible if these passages are constricted and congested with a lot of mucus secretions? Well, you can get that job done if you have a nebulizer that is capable of consistently making mist particles minute enough to penetrate through even the tiniest openings in those inflamed mucous linings.

It’s All in the Bag
One product which has all these very important nebulizer features is the SinusAero by Sinus Dynamics. Aside from this, you can avail your SinusAero nebulizer with your specially compounded medications ideal for nebulized sinus treatment. That is because aside from being one of the leading manufacturers of equipment like medicated irrigators and nebulizers, Sinus Dynamics is also a compounding pharmacy specialized in customizing prescription medications in preparations suitable for nebulized sinus treatment.

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