Science fiction stories are generally fun to read. These stories usually contain various ideas and narratives that are meant to entertain and intrigue people at the same time. There are plenty of good science fiction stories out there.

The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage is an example of a good science fiction story that contains both the elements of fun and fascination. It is a story about two people – Lon, a handyman in a small town, and Jean Conway, the daughter of the small town’s museum curators – whose lives are set to change forever after discovering a magical piece from a Mayan robe found from the tombs of their most powerful priests. In general, The Brotherhood of the Wone is a gripping tale that bravely combines the elements of science, fiction, and archaeology in its story.

If you are an aspiring science fiction author who is wondering what makes a good science fiction story like The Brotherhood of the Wone, then you are on the right place! Below are some of the essential criteria in considering the quality of science fiction stories.

It strikes a balance between science and fiction
As a science fiction author, you need to strike a balance between science and fiction. It is important for these two things to be properly weaved together when writing a science fiction story. Do not bombard your story with so many facts. Remember, you are writing a fiction story. At the same, try to make your story as consistent to science as possible to live up to its genre. To put it simply, your story should be able to explain thoroughly its science aspect without leaving the fictional aspect behind.

A good science fiction story contains a well-balanced combination of science and fiction. So, write your story in a manner that would make it easy for the readers to discern science from fiction and vice versa. Lay out your information and narrative in a careful and creative manner. Since it is science fiction, your story does not need to be magical, but rational and innovative rather.

It introduces new ideas
Science fiction is considered an innovative genre. It is under this literary genre that authors can talk about a wide of range of ideas and topics, from a robot takeover to an alien invasion. In science fiction, new ideas are particularly searched for and patronized. So, for a science fiction story to be considered good, it should be able to introduce new ideas to the readers. These ideas should be intriguing and speculative.

When writing about new ideas in your science fiction story, however, you should always keep in mind how these ideas can affect your overall narrative. Your ideas should not be dumped anywhere in your story. Describe your ideas or concepts in a manner that is not confusing to the readers, but do not try so hard to explain them. Otherwise, your science fiction story might look like an academic paper. As much as possible, keep your innovative and entertaining at the same time.

It makes the readers think and reflect
Lastly, a good science fiction story has the ability to make the readers think and reflect. One of the essential goals of science fiction is to make people think about possibilities and imagine scenarios or situations that are yet non-existent in today’s reality, but are highly likely to happen in the future.

For your story to be considered good, it should be able to make the readers ponder upon the ideas or concepts that your story has introduced to them. So, no matter how absurd you think your ideas are, do not be afraid to explore and write about them. If you think your science fiction story can spark a substantial discussion among people, then by all means, write and publish it.

Overall, a good science fiction story is one that leaves a lasting impression and impact on the readers. It contains a well-written narrative and some fresh and trailblazing ideas that can make the readers think even for a long time after reading the story. Like The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage, there are plenty of good science fiction stories out there. If you want to get some inspiration in writing your own story or if you just simply want to entertain and intrigue yourself, then read some good science fiction stories!

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