Creating a huge impact as a fitness coach is sometimes a misunderstood craft. Most fitness instructors became great instructors because of their passion and the willingness to exercise in groups. Fitness coaches have found some recipe for success and decided to participate and decide to become fantastic to lead and give an extensive hour of non-stop motivation to exercise.

However, do not forget that not all individuals are the same. We always encounter special population and that not everyone in the room may feel the same way about our zest to exercise. There are many characteristics of a great fitness coach. Qualities that fitness trainers’ possess making them appreciate their client’s hard work and determined to see results for their fitness success.

There are many characteristics of a great fitness coach. These characteristics tell huge difference apart from the average trainer to an exceptional fitness coach. If you are able to look for a trainer with these ten qualities, rest assured you’re in the right hand of a quality trainer.

For fitness coaches out there, elevate your opportunity to make the biggest impression and attract a variety of participants, consider these 10 characteristics of a fitness coach.

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1. Determined

A great fitness coach is typically confident “on their own” and loves going out of his or her way to boost your excitement about the next class. A great fitness coach is eager to pick out the next step for learning fitness, finding a great music, or research more exciting plans for your next workout.

2. Experienced

The more trained and experienced your fitness coach is, the better. Great success stories and multiple clients will show their greatness over some fitness DVDs and trophies they have on the shelves. Experienced fitness coaches have years of trial and error with them that they have learned through time, making them more qualifies to train a variety of body types and personalities.

3. Persistent

Persistent on his or her goals, and shows eagerness to see you succeed even more makes a quality fitness trainer. A quality trainer does not give up easily on clients but will continue to motivate and push them to achieve their fitness goals and be the best that they can be.

4. Empathetic

A great fitness trainer feels that to begin with a new routine is hard and that their clients need to feel that they are understood with no judgment. A client would always seek a gym that provides a safe place, where they can feel the freedom to be themselves no matter what. A quality fitness trainer respect and motivates their clients to aspire and to express their hurdles so that they may help them to achieve their fitness goals.

5. Supportive

Aside from simply human nature, a great fitness coach knows that it is a strength to give encouragement, to be supportive, motivating and encouraging. A client will seek acknowledgment and praise before, during and after every workout. A great fitness coach will congratulate clients on every accomplishment, whether it is big or small. They will take time to congratulate and give a pat on their back for their progress.

6. Patient

Clients learn and grow in their own paces. We are all different and we learn in our own terms. A client may be easily trained, while another might need more push and time. A great fitness coach trainer adapts to this situation and provides teaching and training skills-based to the needs of every client.

7. Enthusiastic

We do not want a trainer with a negative attitude. A great fitness coach trainer prepares himself/herself to be pumped up to give an energetic performance for every session. An enthusiastic fitness coach should be one of the reasons why you think that the gym is fun. A good mood and tons of energy supplies make an excellent ingredient for a quality fitness coach.

8. On Time

Who wants to have a trainer that is always late? Being late is never an attractive characteristic of a trainer. An effective and quality trainer respect their clients time and shows up always on time for every session. A follow up with weekly check-ins to track their progress and health goals can show a great characteristic of a fitness coach.

9. Create Rapport

An effective fitness coach starts the class by simply asking everyone if they had fun over the weekend, or just tell fun facts about how your week went. Make them giggle. We don’t want a stiff fitness instructor who does nothing but commands and walks around shouting. A great fitness coach should consider that there are also other people taking class who could be nervous. By coming off as approachable and relatable, new students can feel relaxed and comfortable.

10. Engaging

Fitness instructors do not let their clients go through the whole session performing a task in a wrong way. Modifying your class’ routines shows them that you are actually concern about their wellness and whether or not they are getting good results in working out. A good impression is created when a fitness instructor takes time to walk around and engage in the class while correcting them. If clients are not engaged in a proper form, they will less likely to improve and benefit as much from the workout sessions.

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Fitness instructors make the most painful workout sessions fly by as if they were only doing it in a matter of minutes. Sometimes you become unaware of the simultaneous challenges you challenge yourself and push through limits.

Fitness instructors, indeed have the power to make or break someone’s gym experience. The experience is being compared to being a school teacher, except that you can yell, blast music and make people carry weights and do burpees.

So, whether you are new to the fitness training world or you are looking to sharpen your training skulls, these are the good characteristics of a fitness coach you can adapt that will surely entice clients to enroll in your class while you also gain from the experience.

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